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Buhari’s Incapacity Exposed At Town Hall Meeting

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Nigeria News takes a look at the Wednesday town hall meeting with Buhari and Osinbajo.

The town hall meeting of Wednesday as shown on the National television, NTA revealed the weakness of our President, Muhammadu Buhari and why he will always need help.

If I could change the status quo, I would prefer Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as the Commander In chief of Armed Forces and ask Buhari to retire to Daura.

The president could not process his thought. He lacked the energy, eloquence and speed to comprehend questions. This is not what Nigerians bargain for but this is what the mafias in this government want.

A president that they can manipulate to satisfy their personal agenda.

These weaknesses, no doubt is a reflection of the present economic woes the country is experiencing now. Agreed that this government is being run by Mafias, President Buhari should not have contested.

As the Senator Shehu Sani put it, Mr President should have done Nigeria favour by choosing one of his trusted followers to continue the second term while he goes back to Daura to rest.

From Wednesday’s debate, it is evident that Buhari is indisposed to continue for the next four years but the mafias are pushing him to contest.

He couldn’t hear questions very well. And when he heard he couldn’t answer appropriately.

I saw apprehension on the faces of his ministers who attended the meeting and especially Osinbajo who was ready to answer many questions on behalf of Mr. President if not for insistence by the anchor, Kadaria and the people who asked the questions.

At a time, it was so embarrassing that the moderator had to tell Vice President Osinbajo that he should allow the president to answer for himself.

Seriously, I wish I could hide my impression about our president’s performance Wednesday night.

The Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) and the debate group who are arranging the debate for presidential candidates should just forget it, PMB is not coming for any show.

However, it will be a monumental embarrassment to think that the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar will perform miracle if voted in.

From all indications, Buhari may still win the February election, which may spell doom in the next four years, judging by his old age and incapacity. This is unfortunate, but is the reality today except things change before February 16.

The poor people in the north prefer Buhari to Atiku. They are not bothered by Buhari’s incompetence.

What matters to them is that Buhari occupies the position even if there is no food for them to eat or school for their children to go. They are not comfortable with Atiku because of his stance on restructuring.

Power brokers in the south just want Buhari to do another term, so that power will return to the south in 2023.  And for Atiku, the man has refused to commit himself to one term.

At the town hall meeting, it was clear that the correlation coefficient between oratory and good governance is zero.

If oratory and good debating skills determine winners of elections in Nigeria, both Buhari and Atiku will never have chance but unfortunately those that will vote do not watch debate.

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