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Buhari’s Ludicrous Ministerial Appointees

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Nigeria News takes a look at the corrupt officer in Buhari’s ministerial nominees.

It is laughable that soon the eloquent constitutional lawyer, Mr. Festus Keyamo will be sitting down with an alleged corrupt politician, former Governor of Bayelsa State, former Governor Timipre Sylva to discuss the way forward for this country.

Both were in the ministerial list forwarded to the Senate by President Muhammadu Buhari. This government is confused about the fight against corruption.

Removing the campaign against corruption, then one could conclude that Buhari’s regime has messed up this country and with another four years with men of old ideas, Nigerians must be ready to face one of the worst times.

For Sylva who was charged to court for corruption under the Peoples Democratic Party Government for alleged N19bn fraud to later become a minister under Buhari speaks volume of the manipulative feature of the present All Progressives Congress-led government.

Sylva’s 48 houses were seized by the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission found out that those properties were acquired with the proceeds of corruption.

However, it is pathetic that this government dropped the N19 bn charges against Sylva and returned the 48 houses to him.

With Buhari, an advocate of integrity, there is nothing wrong with fraudulent acts and acquisitions of personal properties with taxpayers money.

Soon, Sylva would be screened by the Senate. I’ll keep my eyes open to watch the screening. I want to see if Sylva would be cleared by the Senate.

If he is cleared, it simply means Sylva and Festus Keyamo, the lawyer hired by EFCC to prosecute him will soon be sitting together as members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC). For sure, they will be seeing each other at FEC meetings inside Aso Villa. They may likely throw banters once a while.

What lesson does the government expect the young generation of Nigerians to learn from this? I want to believe that President Buhari knows little about corrupt Nigerians. If he does, there are names he would never have included in his list.

Of course, he said he would only nominate those he knew. Does he know Sylva and his antecedents? Did Buhari know that Keyamo was the lawyer hired by EFCC to dig the ass of Sylva and both may end up as Buhari’s cabinet members?

In all of these, with 43 appointees forwarded to the Senate, none of them had come from the Federal Capital Territory.

Senator Philip Aduda and Senator Dino Melaye each raised a point of order on the exclusion of indigenes of the FCT in the list of ministerial nominees. Standing on section 299 and 297 of the 1999 constitution as amended clearly states that Abuja, the state capital should be treated as a State.

They both appealed to the President of the Senate to call on the executive to address this breach by including an Indigene of Abuja as a ministerial nominee.

The President of the Senate responded that the constitutional point of order is noted and the Executive will do the needful.

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