Bulk SMS – Why Your Business Ought To Use Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS - Why Your Business Ought To Use Bulk SMS

When you consider all the promotional choices out there to businesses of late, few have the maximum amount impact as bulk SMS. And customers/clients really wish to receive messages from businesses and communicate with them via this means.

Bulk SMS is one amongst the foremost effective strategies for reaching your customers. One amongst the most effective elements concerning the exploitation of this manner of communication? You’re conjointly utterly secure your customers open your message and that they can open it right away.

Findings have shown that seven in ten individuals feel that bulk SMS promoting may be a sensible technique for organizations to use to assert a chunk of their attention. Another study found that text messages are opened ninety-eight of the time whereas emails solely had an associate degree open rate of twenty-two.

These unimaginable stats show that sending bulk SMS messages to your customers isn’t only 1 of the new promoting trends doing the rounds.

Bulk SMS may be a promoting tool each sort and size of business ought to be using. Marketers have to be compelled to be wherever their customer/clients are. And today, they are mobile forever, therefore, it is sensible to connect with them there.

Here are some important ideas for businesses.

Bulk SMS Message Timing
Imagine driving home and inquisitive what you’ll be having for dinner. Pull into the road and what’s awaiting you? An SMS from your favourite dish joint, giving a 25% discount. Who wouldn’t be tempted to take advantage of that offer? Within the same means, if you always have regular haircuts every six weeks, a simple reminder SMS in week 5 may do wonders to make sure you book that next haircut appointment.

Make your message short, simple, and purposeful
Majority of people do not like reading a lengthy text message on their phones. It is important to keep your bulk SMS text messages short and to the purpose. After you announce a buying deal, for example, specify that all items/goods will be soldered at 39.99% off. As far as bulk SMS concerned, you’re restricted to only one hundred and sixty (160) characters, therefore ensure that you make the best use of the limited space to pass across the key message.

Inform your customers what to do
Nothing is as senseless as sending an SMS that doesn’t tell recipients (customers/clients) what to do. End your message with a call-to-action and a link to your website and/or your telephone number. It is extremely necessary that your customers get information on how to reach you in the bulk SMS message.

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