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Can APC Mend The Split In Nigeria Before 2019 Poll?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the division along regional lines in the country and how the ruling party can mend this before 2019 polls.


Nigeria remains divided, and because of that, there is the need for multiple approaches in carrying voters along towards 2019 election.


It is clear with the way things are going that there is no stronger opposition to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC and of course a stronger candidate to contest against President Muhammadu Buhari.


What this will eventually create will be a situation of apathy in which many Nigerians will boycott the coming election and allow APC and Buhari a free ride for a second term.


Perhaps, a miracle candidate may emerge tomorrow to challenge the status quo. For now, as it happened in 1993 that Ogoni people of Rivers State hardly participated in the presidential elections, some regions are feeling cheated and alienated.


Some states have suffered the pains of killings and their lands turned to graveyards of the innocent. What they are waiting to see is a saviour in the form of a leader that can change their situation for better without which they will hide in their shells and refuse to come out to vote in 2019.


Like the Ogonis who wanted an immediate need – equity in the abnormal exploitation of their natural resource back in the 80s and early 90s and even now, the Tivs of Benue and people of Taraba want a leader that will stop the criminality of Fulani herdsmen.


Towards the end of his tenure, former President Olusegun Obasanjo apparently wanted a Niger Delta indigene to become Nigeria’s president one day so that the individual thus ‘arranged’ could work towards bringing about the needed structural change in the polity to assist his people.


It did not happen but instead of a focus on communal interest, it was private interest former President Goodluck Jonathan went for, looting Nigeria silly along with his associates in the process.


The president that’ll change Nigeria cannot serve for two terms, due to obvious reasons. He has to step on toes including that of those who brought him to the office. We are in a democracy. Such a person might want to return to the office for a second term once the bug office bites him. Of course, he will need the good, the bad and ugly in the polity to return to office. That will naturally dictate a selective process of change, which would have been no change at all as we are witnessing today.


A change agent in charge of Nigeria would have come prepared. The president MUST be involved in the selection of the National Assembly leadership. He must have a firm control of the legislature at the national level, not just the security agencies. A purge of the Judiciary must begin within his first six months in office. Some Judges must be sent to prison, while others continue to watch their BPs, afraid they might be next on the list of those to go.


Obasanjo made a half-hearted attempt in his first term. His anti-corruption efforts, which became a tool to silence others for political reasons instead of a positive change in the polity remains the best in the history of Nigeria since independence. Obasanjo quietly instituted a probe into ALL Federal Government contracts since 1976 through 1999.


The report was audacious in painstaking work. If the old man had implemented 50% of the recommendations in the two-volume report, Nigeria should have been on its way to sanity by now. But the Obasanjo chickened out. He left the report to rot till he left office. And from all indications today, Buhari too is not interested in it beyond the propaganda about anti-corruption, which is mainly directed at the opposition.

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