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Can This Rice Break Into Global Market?

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ElevateNews takes a look at the Nigeria local rice and how it can break into the global market.

Made in Nigeria rice is in our open market four years after the present government rolled equipment to the field for large scale production of this staple food.

The complaint has shifted from inaccessibility of the rice to high cost of it in the market. Nigerians are seriously complaining that the closure of the border has pulled up the price of foreign rice to force local rice on them.

The local rice is also costly, making rice eaters hate the decision of the Federal Government. An addict eater of foreign rice will not like to eat our local rice but the government is not ready to change its policy.

Today, a 50kg bag of foreign rice costs between N28, 000 and N30, 000. The same bag of local rice costs about N22, 000 or more depending on the market. A friend living in Abuja said that he bought a bag of foreign rice at N26, 000 and local rice at N24, 000.

The government is intensifying effort to make Nigeria rice available in the global market but I doubt if this quality will be generally acceptable. The country will be competing with Taiwan, China and America that have been in the business of rice production for years and have perfected their quality to meet global taste and standard.

Nigeria can only break into the global market by crashing the price, which of course is only possible with surplus production of this commodity.

I have always believed that the best product Nigeria can export now, besides crude oil is its human resources. Not only can Nigeria boast about its population, but there are also millions of talents in Nigeria.

The world knows about this. Some countries, mostly in Africa are envious of Nigeria’s human capacity in the music industry, sports and education sectors.

Nigerian footballers are all over the world; scholars of great repute that have made their marks in the field of Science and Arts are dominating the world. Our human capitals around the world are gargantuan as Nigerians break international record regularly.

But, can our rice break record just as our people are making great exploits abroad? This will take a long while and it depends on how we will improve in the next few years.

The quality of our rice will not depend on packaging it inside foreign bags as some dubious characters are doing at present. We must keep on improving on it and make it unique until it becomes an international brand.

Nigerians love quality things. We prefer our cable to foreign cable because it is the best and of the highest quality, even though it is more expensive. I am of the view that Nigerians will buy any Made in Nigeria product if it is of higher grade, no matter how high the price.

As a matter of fact, the beans we eat are not imported because it is of good quality. What matters now is how to continually improve on the rice so that the patronage can come from abroad.

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