Charles Jambaya Loses His Wife “Caroline Shumba” Over Real Madrid/Juventus “Bet” To Eugene Gumbo

Charles Jambaya Loses His Wife "Caroline Shumba" Over Real Madrid/Juventus "Bet" To Eugene Gumbo

A Zimbabwean man, Charles Jambaya, 26 has lost his wife, Caroline Shumba to another man, Eugene Gumbo after losing a bet during Real Madrid and Juventus UEFA Final match.

Jambaya had placed his 22-year-old wife on bet if Juventus ever lose the match while his opponent Gumbo pledged the sum of $500 if Real Madrid lose.

However luck ran out of Jambaya as Real Madrid beat Juventus 4-1, winning the cup back to back and for a record of 12 times in the history of UEFA.

Shortly after Real Madrid victory, Gumbo approached Jambaya’s residence to demand for the wife.

The wife, who had no inkling she had been used as a wager in a bet, was stunned when Eugene told her that she had to go with him because he had won her as a prize in a football bet.

Shumba refused to follow Gumbo, which led to serious uproar that made the residents in the area to ask questions.

The case was later referred to the traditional court where both men were fined to produce one goat each to appease God for their offence.

The jurists at the court told them that it was a taboo and it is against the tradition to use a wife as a wager in betting.

Jambaya told Chiefs at the Traditional Court he was not in a right state of mind when he made the pledge and he pleaded for mercy.

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