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Check Citizens’ Bank Account Balance, Get Dismissed – Ibrahim Idris

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Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector General of Police, has told the operatives of the reformed Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) to desist from checking citizens’ bank accounts details on their phones.

The Inspector General of Police also warned the F-SARS operatives not to invade people’s privacy by checking their phones and laptops unless they have a court order or an instruction from the commissioner of police in charge of a state police command.

While speaking during a workshop on the reformed F-SARS in Imo State capital, Owerri, the IGP warned that any F-SARS operatives who violate the new rules would be dismissed from the force instantly.

The IGP, who was represented by Amaechi Elumelu, the Deputy Commissioner of police in charge of the IGP’s X-Squad, said that any F-SARS operative who handles cases not related to armed robbery and kidnapping would also be dismissed from the Nigeria police force.

Ibrahim said that under the new era in F-SARS, the operatives must be professional and respect the rights and privileges of all citizens.

He recalled that in the past, F-SARS was considered the most elitist and professional Unit of the Police force because of its conduct.

The IGP regretted that in the past few years, the Unit had been riddled with allegations of abuse and excesses which made the public to call for its disbandment which was tagged #EndSARS on social media.

Ibrahim stated that “under the reformed F-SARS, it is illegal to search suspects phones, computers, or inquire about their bank account details without proper authorization.”

“Henceforth, the F-SARS Commanders must get directives from the State Commissioners before invading people’s privacies. Any officer who disobeys will be dismissed.”

The IGP disclosed that all operatives of F-SARS would undergo medical evaluation primarily to guarantee their psychological, emotional and mental conditions.

The police boss advised all F-SARS operatives to be computer literate in order to adapt to the current innovations going on in the department.

He warned the operatives not to detain any suspect for more than 48 hours without a formal remand order from the court.

The IGP also called for the establishment of a medical department in F-SARS in order to provide medical assistance to sick suspects.

Geoffrey Victor, a chief superintendent of police who is the F-SARS commander in Imo state, said that the Unit under his supervision would obey and carry out the IGP’s instructions under the reformed F-SARS to the letter.

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