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Christmas Between The Rich And The Poor

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ElevateNews takes a look at the Christmas celebration and how the rich and poor will celebrate it.

There is nothing spectacular to suggest that today is Christmas. Yesterday was Christmas Eve and it obvious that the present economic situation has forced many Nigerians to stay indoor instead of trooping to shopping malls and market places.

Of course, there are Nigerians who still live in affluence, especially those who just returned from overseas. To this set of Nigerians, there is enough money in dollars to spend but to the poor masses, Christmas is just one of the days, it will soon go.

Only a few States have agreed to pay the N30, 000 minimum wage and for Nigerians who work in private companies, many of them are yet to get their December salary. It was gathered that some companies, mostly in the media industry still owe their workers three months of salary.

Some Christians go on retreat to seek the face of God, some organize carol, musical concerts to welcome this new season. It is also a time for fun-seekers when various artists stage shows to treat their fans.

Nigerians are too rich and too poor at the same time. The gap between the haves and the have-not is so wide that the poor now depends on the rich to make ends meet. The price of rice has been taken away from the reach of the poor.

Text messages are flying around from the poor to the rich, demanding a cut of their wealth to mark the Christmas. People storm political offices in their constituencies to demand from politicians what they would eat and spend during Christmas.

They do not act like beggars. They waylay the politicians and their associates to ask for money. A visit to some of the politicians’ homes showed how confident Nigerians had become when asking for alms.

“Give us Christmas money. Give us our money ooo. We have to cook rice for our children too,” they chorused.

Most of them were locked outside the gate while the smallest bags of rice were being thrown to them from the windows. The lucky ones got N2, 000 as stipends to cook the rice.

In some homes of politicians, only the guards and maids are around now. The politicians hardly spend their Christmas in Nigeria because of the unwanted visitors who would come for Christmas gift.

However, some of these political elites would have made proper arrangement for their supporters, to be delivered by either the maids or the guards.

They use these masses during the election but see them as indolent after election. The politician at this time sees himself as a very hardworking human being whose logic has helped to build an empire and see an average electorate as a beggar whose lack of vision has caused his present predicament.

It is not that Nigerians are lazy but they hardly earn their dues after work. Many are ready to work but there is no work. Many have set up businesses but government policies have killed it, so they resort to begging and when they do, it looks like asking for their rights.

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