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Community Development Association; Product Of Failed Government

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ElevateNews takes a look at the proliferation of CDAs and how politicians now use it as the appendage of political parties.

The Government in Nigeria is a big scam. We elect leaders not because of what they will offer to better the lives of the citizens but because the election is the most significant part of democracy.

Every four years, the election is organized to recycle political office holders, most of whom have distributed themselves across the various political platforms to launch self-agenda.

Leaders are different but politicians are the same. Most Nigerians are tired of government because they have since realised that the crop of leaders we have now have nothing to offer.

Promises are made and broken at will. There is absolutely no existence of local government. The State government has taken over the jobs of the local council. Most people get into politics, not for service but to survive the bad economy.

The overhead cost of the political office holders alone is enough to provide the necessary infrastructure but these politicians prefer to have the money in their bank accounts to sacrificing it for the development of the country.

We seek ways to live a good life without necessarily depending on the government that is built on deception.

Real Estate business thrives in this part of the world because the government has failed to provide basic amenities and infrastructure.

With the looted funds, the politicians invest in the real estate so that they can continue to rip off the gullible citizens.

Citizens who lack the financial wherewithal migrate to some of the timidest and underdeveloped communities to build their own structures.

Here, many live without electricity infrastructure and road network. There are no schools and hospitals for their children except sub-standard educational institutions, also known as “Mushroom School”.

All these anomalies gave rise to the formation of the Community Development Association.

There was nothing like the Community Development Association in the 1970s and early 80s because there was government presence in almost all the communities.

However, towards the millennium, agitation for a better life had risen among citizens. Public office holders increased their looting spree of public funds to the detriment of community development.

Government’s ineptitude gave rise to the formation of CDAs in which residents came together to contribute part of their hardearned money to the development of their domains.

Sadly, efforts by residents to make life better for themselves did not stop them from paying taxes to the government.

We pay security, electricity and development levies to our community association with which we provide the necessary infrastructure for the residents.

We also pay taxes to the government, including Land Use Charge and Tenement but with no significant presence of the government in the communities.

Ordinarily, community development association is not needed in a society where the government does its job. Today, the CDA cum CDC are being integrated into political parties.

The primary objectives of using our own money to develop our own community with leaders who are ready to serve are steadily being eroded.

Leadership, politics and service should go together. But it is sad that these values are disjointed in our democracy. We treat our value system of honesty, service, trustworthiness and hard work with disdain.

Many leaders, including those at the grassroots level loot with impunity.

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