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Contract Staff Saga And The Growing Scam In Bank

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ElevateNews takes a look at the issue of contract staff in the banking sector and how this has encouraged internet fraud.

Many Nigerians have lost their money to various scams that have now pervaded the banking sector.

Fake messages are sent to customers, using banks logos, demanding salient information about the accounts owners, including BVN number.

The scammers would not have known the GSM numbers of many customers; the account number, the BVN and the ATM number without having an insider within the system that supplies the information.

What the scammers have not been able to get is the ATM card code of many customers with which they can break into their accounts to make withdrawals. This is because the code is also hidden from the bankers themselves.

They hack into Facebook accounts, WhatsApp accounts, not only to impersonate but to crack into their victims’ accounts.

The scammers are succeeding because they have those working for them from inside the banks.

Our correspondent gathered that 80 percent of the workers in our banks are contract staff and that they are not happy with the management.

Many of them from one bank to another have been on contract for five years but a few of them are absorbed for permanent appointment after these years of service.

According to a reliable source, about 4,000 UBA staff that were sacked earlier this year were contract staff.

He said that the labour law does not allow a company to engage a worker more than five years on contractual arrangements, after which his appointment is ratified.

But it is unfortunate that many of the banks hardly employ the contract workers after spending five years with them but they are laid off on the ground that they could not pass the qualified test.

But having worked for five years, a contract staff must have been exposed to the basic operation in the banking system and should not be put to any test again if the motive of the management is genuine.

Average contract staff is not a happy man because he sees his future hanging without hope in the company he has so laboured for years.

Many of these contract staff device ways of stealing customers information while still working to become internet fraudsters when they are laid off.

As a matter of fact, hundreds of these contract staff connived with internet fraudsters to scam customers. According to the investigation, many of the internet fraudsters have at one time worked as contract-staff in a bank.

In all of this, the customers suffer more in that no bank pays back what had been stolen from its client accounts, except its staff is found culpable in the internet fraud.

There is no doubt that most banks have strong security at their backend, a few of their staff, “insider” still compromise the standard for fraudulent activity.

The war against internet fraud cannot be fought by government alone, there is need for the key stakeholders in the banking sector to re-address the issue of contractual staff as it has been observed as one of the loopholes in the banking security system.

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