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Could Pastor Bakare Have Made A Better Vice President?

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ElevateNews takes a look at what Bakare would have done if he was the Vice President.

Pastor TundeBakare of the Latter Rain Assembly looked more prepared politically than PastorYemi Osinbajo before 2015 but the latter is the vice president today while theformer is still talking from the pulpit.

That is the power of God at work. He brings up some and brings down others. He brought out Osinbajo, a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God to a vice-presidential seat, even when he never thought of it.

Both are lawyers and clerics from Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. Both are orators but are different in character. While Osinbajo is more diplomatic in his approach, Bakare is too direct to the point without mincing words.

Over theyears, Bakare has created a niche for himself as a Christian pastor withpolitical language. He uses the Bible verses to criticise the politics andgovernment of the nation. His sermons and prophecies are laced with political messages.

Bakare is aradical pastor who acts more like the biblical John the Baptist without fear ofthe authorities. He sees salvation as political and economic freedom and joinedpolitics to practise what he preaches.

In 2011,Bakare was the running mate of the CPC presidential candidate, MuhammaduBuhari. According to Buhari while felicitating with Bakare at 65, the fierypastor and himself had formed a formidable partnership to build this countrywhile in CPC.

Buhari actually wanted Bakare but God did not want them at the time. And when God was ready to use Buhari, another pastor from the Southwest, Osinbajo surfaced.

Currently, there are insinuations that things are not going well between Buhari and Osinbajo, yet none of the two has spoken out to douse the tension, except the statements by the Senior Special Assistant to the president on media and publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu that had addressed the issue slightly.

The question is, “If Bakare was Buhari’s vice, would he have spoken out about the cabals in the present administration as the real challenges to the present government?

Osinbajo is becoming more careful because Nigerians are waiting to quote him now. Most especially, his church members, many of whom are admirers of former President Goodluck Jonathan whom he joined to vote out fower.

The languageof politicians is different from that of a pastor. Unlike Bakare, ProfessorOsinbajo speaks like a pastor in the church and an academic at politicalgatherings.

Bakare is aradical in the church and outside the church. It is becoming clearer thatBakare is using the pulpit to launch political messages rather than salvation.

Osinbajo does not only report to Buhari and Nigerians, but he also takes advise from his spiritual father, the General Overseer of the RCCG, Pastor E.A Adeboye. He also reports to the GO and the RCCG congregation. He is expected to continue working and acting like a brother even when he is in the midst of the ungodly.

Politiciansare ruthless. They do not respect pastors who speak in tongues. They want toloot the public treasury and it is either the pastor is ready to comply orleave.

For Bakare,the pastor reports to no General Overseer. He is the Alpha and Omega of hislatter rain church.  When he speaks, hiscongregation listens and because he speaks what they want to hear, Bakarehardly uses the priest languages. He is more political even in the churchspeaking from the pulpit.

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