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COZA: A Pastor’s Sin And Crucifixion of Church

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Nigeria News takes a look at the other side of sex scandals in the church.

Pope Francis may not be happy with the reports of sexual abuses around the church today, there is a limit to what he can do to stop it.

God himself keeps the secret of sexual escapades in the church and reveals it at his own time.

God is not mocked. He reveals every secret sin and visits the punishment on the first to the fourth generation according to the scriptures.

He is aware of the homage being paid to sex by those the Christ described as the workers of inequities even in the church of God.

Sexual abuse has become a shrine that lurks in the heart of men. It is spreading like whirlwind in the church among the “gods of men” who pretend as the men of God.

Seductively, they preach from their tongues to arrest the spirits of their captives and capitalize on their members’ gullibility to own their bodies for sexual satisfaction.

There are thousands of women that are passing through what Busola Dakolo had passed through but lack the courage to challenge their tormentors.

Poverty and lack of love have turned many women to sex slave. Their pastors have become their lords. They manipulate them due to their shallow knowledge of God.

Like the Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo whose lordship as a spiritual father and counselor became a burden of rape to Busola Dakolo for years, there are many who are currently passing through the same scenario now.

Perhaps “Busolatoyibo” may help in redefining “sexual abuse” in the church that it goes beyond forcing members to engage in adultery and fornication with their pastors but also an opportunity to shed light on the provocative dressing of the church girls. They dance almost naked to the altar.

As the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye put it, there is a need to embrace old ways of worship in the church in which decorum and discipline, including good dress code, are ensured.

He said that it is better to be an old fashioned pastor and live than to be the current fashioned pastor and die.

According to him, God himself is old fashioned. “God is not fashionable. He does not change his cloth because he puts on the garment of light.

He said that he would rather remain the old school type to lead many to God than allowing the modernity in the church today to sink many into hell fire.

To him, the Senior Pastor of Day Star Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi could only offer prayers to Busola Dakolo and the alleged rapist Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

While he also advised that the case be investigated. From Adeboye and Adeyemi’s views, it becomes more difficult to deduce which way to take between the old generation church and the growing Pentecostalism.

Bearing in mind that the rate of sexual assault has continued to grow even in the orthodox churches. The pope is overwhelmed.

Nuns complain of sexual harassment by the priests. Sodomy among “god of men” is high. Even in many of the white garment churches, sexual assaults pervade, despite that they wear uniform as their own dress code.

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