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COZA: Between Men of God And Men of ‘Rod’

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Nigeria News takes a look at the Pentecostal churches and the level of discipline there.

The embattled Senior Pastor of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo stepped down from his position on Monday after the raging allegation of a sexual allegation by Busola Dakolo, wife of the popular singer Timi Dakolo refused to subside.

All activities at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly have been put on hold for now as the pastor takes leave of absence. Fatoyinbo’s past life has also become a subject of debate across social media platform in which he was described as a former cult member rusticated at the University of Ilorin.

Like Saul the persecutor who later became Paul the apostle, every saint has got his past and every sinner still has a future. Reports by some of those who knew Fatoyinbo said he later repented from being a serial rapist and cultist to become a believer and consequently established a church.

While sympathizing with Fatoyinbo and the church, Pastor Poju Oyemade lamented on his Facebook wall that the body that regulates Pentecostalism in Nigeria has become so weak that men now called themselves instead of God calling them to the priesthood and pastoral work.

Unlike in Orthodox churches where discipline is still consecrated, many of the Pentecostal churches have lost the value and the fear of God.

Oyemade said after he had contacted a spiritual father over Fatoyinbo’s predicament, it was resolved that the best he could do now was to step down while the church looks at the issue of justice, healing and redemption.

Fatoyinbo will have to carry his cross for now even when it has not been established that truly he sexually abused Busola Dakolo 20 years ago by a law court.

Wife of Fatoyinbo, Mrs. Omodele Fatoyinbo has been defending her husband, saying that he never raped anybody and that he would not have done it, even if he was not a believer.

Fatoyinbo himself denied the allegation that he had never raped in his life. Of course, there are insinuations that perhaps Busola Dakolo at 16 consented to the sexual escapade she had with Fatoyinbo.

Either way, Fatoyinbo is still the main culprit in this issue because Busola at 16 should have been rebuked by the randy pastor for throwing a pass at him.

It was gathered that the pastor also had carnal knowledge of Busola’s older sister severally during those period. The case at hand will be prosecuted by the law of the land. Over 20 lawyers had stood up for Busola whom they said had passed through trauma for 20 years, thinking of how the god of man had raped her repeatedly but could not speak for the fear of stigmatization and shame.

With Fatoyinbo’s new step of courage, the pastor should realize that he would not be judged like Biblical King David who raped Bathsheba and killed her husband Uriah but would face the Nigeria law against rape.

King David never queried the priest that exposed his secret, he was sober. For 40 days, he cried and sought God’s forgiveness. Let Fatoyinbo call on God to save his head if truly he had raped Busola. But justice must be done.

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  1. DPhil

    July 17, 2019 at 1:30 PM

    God bless this writer, the hand you used in writing this, will not wither,…hmmm “god of man” & not man of God.there is time 4 everything under the earth,”A time to face the judge”.

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