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COZA: Between Randy Pastor And Daughter of Eve

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Nigeria News takes a look at the allegation of rape by Busola Dakolo against the COZA Pastor, Abiodun Fatoyinbo.

Let it not be true so that the church can stand. This has been my prayer since Busola Dakolo, wife of the popular singer, Timi Dakolo alleged that the Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA Abiodun Fatoyinbo forcefully had carnal knowledge of her 20 years ago.

She was sixteen then and according to Nigeria law, she was a minor and needed not to be investigated for consent in this rape case.

She narrated how the randy pastor allegedly had sex with her both in the car, in her family home and hotels for more than a year.

This happened in Ilorin, Kwara State when the church just started before it established in Abuja. No fewer than two ladies have accused the pastor of the same sexual abuse against them.

The raging rape story of Dakolo’s wife went viral and it’s still trending. Nigerians prey on it and would not discuss the depressed economy anymore.

Under the law, sexual assault is a criminal offense but it must first be investigated and the suspect found guilty by a competent jurisdiction.

I am afraid if Busola Dakolo can win this case unless she has good evidence to prove her case. There was no GSM in Nigeria in 1999, which would have documented this allegation. This may make it difficult to establish Busola’s claims without pictures or witness.

But her claim has been very loud on the social media platforms. She had better gather evidence now because this case goes beyond social media court and if care is not taken Busola may become a victim of rape twice. The court may throw her case away.

Pastor Fatoyinbo had come out to deny the allegation anyway, saying it was an attempt to dent his image and ruin the church of God.

He said that Busola allegation against him was being sponsored by those who were against the growth of the church and that he would seek legal angle to exonerate himself.

Busola Dakolo in a swift response has also challenged the pastor to take legal action and see the consequence. The singer’s wife is more daring and from all indications, she may have got some serious pieces of evidence to nail the randy pastor to a sinner’s cross.

I have prayed because the Christian Association of Nigeria has distanced itself from investigating the stinking story. It said that only the denomination has powers to investigate any case that has to do with the church and its pastor.

Mrs. Dakolo can sue now. She can report the case to the police to investigate the sex case. The question is whether the police will invite the pastor without a report from Dakolos.

At 16, Busola claimed she was a virgin and that the pastor knew because he always counselled her. Of course, sexuality education is not a bad subject, ladies of nowadays must stop flaunting their virginity because there are hundreds of randy pastors who are out for these set of innocent girls.

As a matter of fact, the Biblical Mary, mother of Jesus Never flaunted her virginity. It was a virtue she kept until she gave birth to Christ.

The altar of God is being desecrated daily by fake pastors. This needs to stop. The government must ensure strict regulation in the establishment of churches. No doubt, temptations abound, the Lord prayers say “lead us not into temptation.”

For the fake pastors, they are the ones who now tempt the sheep under their care. They commit so many atrocities against the sacred altar where they preach deceits and corruption.

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