Dapchi Girls’ Abduction And Their Magical Release

Dapchi Girls' Abduction And Their Magical Release

Nigeria News takes a look at the Dapchi girls’ abduction and their magical release.


Finally, the protracted Boko Haram siege on the nation is beginning to look to me like a (deadlier) version of the militants’ siege down south.


Down South, some people blow up oil installations (the arteries of the nation) randomly and a dying nation literally begs them with mind-boggling multi-million dollar oil pipeline protection contracts, oil bloc allocations etc, (only for temporary respite!).


So, up North, some demented individuals also had a brainwave: to deal in sanguinary merchandise; blow up human beings randomly and repeatedly, or better still, abduct children in hundreds, send out reports of the inhuman treatments they are subjected to (including rape, forced marriage or summary execution). Then, again, a helpless nation is forced to its knees to beg the bandits with millions of dollars or euros to negotiate the release.


The unfortunate thing is that in both cases, there are equally demented individuals in government and out of it feeding fat on these evil trades.


Is Nigeria not doomed? When President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Dapchi received a red carpet welcome, the non-initiates did not realise a magical and dramatic release of the captured girls was in the works.


When he lampooned Goodluck Jonathan that his government was handling the Dapchi Girls’ abduction better than Goodluck Jonathan handled the Chibok Girls’ kidnaps, those who did not understand the “underground spiritual game” became furiously and impatiently dismissive.


They did not understand that good cordial relations, based on mutual respect of “territorialities and sovereignties “, which “exist” between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Boko Haram could yield such a peaceful resolution of the abduction impasse, and lead to the restoration of ties and a thaw in the strained relations of the two warring sides.


They must have realized their ignorance by the latest development. We are now learning officially that the Federal Government used back channels contacts to negotiate the release of the girls without paying any ransom!


We must learn how to repose confidence in the Federal Government. The Administration is competently handling the situation. Boko Haram is not an unrepentant foe. Properly engaged, it can be a strong ally.


Thus, the humanisation, non-criminalisation, non-demonisation and deradicalization of Boko Haram must be intensified. With such courtesies extended to Boko Haram, it can be a wonderful collaborator of the Federal Government and help it to deliver on the promises of the Change Agenda.


Now, can our impatient countrymen see what a delayed visit to the parents of the kidnapped girls, detour to participate in the Ganduje – Ajimobi “state ” wedding, and a red carpet reception in Dapchi, for a visiting President could achieve?


Based on the success of the ” diplomatic engagement with Boko Haram ” which, obviously, has led to the release of the Dapchi Girls, let a grateful country encourage and appeal to our dear President to use his contacts and ties: cultural, ethnic, political, social (as a cattle breeder) and red carpet arrangement to engage the herdsmen who are committing acts of genocide in many states in Nigeria to persuade them to “sheath” their AK 47 and AK49.


If our country stoops, it may conquer.


May the Good Lord receive the souls of five of the girls, who, unfortunately, became the sacrificial lambs in this unending macabre dance. And may HE keep and guide home the only remaining Christian Dapchi girl, who was retained because she refused to accept Boko haram’s religion, and all other remaining captives in Boko Haram’s captivity. Amen.

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