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Death By Depression: How Bad Economy, Domestic Violence Killed Many Nigerians

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Nigeria News takes a look at the present economic situation and how it has caused depression among many Nigerians.

The body of popular Lagos Disc Jockey, Seun Omogaji, DJ Xgee was finally laid to rest at Ikoyi Cemetery early this week.

Before he poisoned himself to death, DJ Xgee took to his Instagram handle to apologise to his mother, wife and children. He later swallowed Sniper, (fumigant) and gave up the ghost.

In their condolences, his friends revealed that he must have committed suicide due to depression he had been suffering since his wife left him.

He begged the wife severally to come back home but the lady refused. Xgee took the fastest lane to end the trauma by committing suicide.

And since his death was announced, many Nigerians have been blaming the dead for acting so bad just because a woman left him.

It is quite unacceptable for people who had never suffered depression to blame those who ended it abruptly through suicide.

This is a disease that many Nigerians are enduring now and they need help. Domestic violence has been on the increase, divorce has become so cheap, mostly among celebrities and young couples whose finances had been battered by the economic depression.

One of the best Soloists the world had ever produced, Whitney Houston died of depression in one of the Grammy awards. The One who once conquered the world with her voice found herself as a shadow at the Grammy. She left the venue of the Grammy to silence her life in her hotel room. That was what depression could cause.

Last year was not good for many families in Nigeria. Economic depression caused individual depression.

As a regular user of the Third Mainland Bridge, I witnessed no fewer than six incidents of persons who took a dive into the lagoon to end their lives. They must have suffered serious depression, through economic hardship or domestic violence before committing suicide.

Across the country, I reported scores of suicides stories caused by lack of funds by the victims to take care of their families.

Before the eve of this year, a friend had called me that she was tired of life. She told me that she had married a wrong husband and that the worst she could do was not only to quit marriage but also the world.

It took serious counselling, prayers and love to persuade her as she was gradually brought out of depression.

The family that was financially buoyant suddenly went down due to bad economy, leading to misunderstanding and consequently domestic violence and finally death.

As Nigerians are warming up for 2019 election, one thing the government must address is this issue of depression among Nigerians and how the economy can rise again to solve this problem.

To reduce the rate of suicide, domestic violence and divorce, government must quickly address the bad economy by providing the enabling environment for Nigerians to do legal business.

This year, I pray should be better than last year or else, more people will suffer depression. Parents who struggle to pay children’s school fees; graduates who do not have jobs have set their hopes on 2019.

They want government that will help them realise their dreams in 2019. Will it continue to be APC? Will it be PDP? Time will tell.

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