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Decadence In Queen’s College?

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ElevateNews takes a look at the drama that happened at the Queen’s College, Yaba over a female pupil that used eyelashes.

The news about Queen’s College, Yaba Lagos in recent times is not pleasant. It looks like the story of Biblical Queen Vashti who was so proud to dance before King Ahasuerus and lost her place to the daughter of a slave, Esther.

Any church goer will have a vivid account of this story; it is very popular. Queen’s College was not for Tom, Dick and Harry; it was one of the first educational institutions in Nigeria for the exceptionally brilliant ladies.

Most of the adults who passed through Queen’s College at a time dominated the leadership positions of this country. They learnt moral first before academic but today these values are being treated with disdain.

A few years ago, there was a cholera outbreak at Queen’s College because the school lacked potable water. Some of the students died. The Federal Government had to close the institution for about a month to allow it to carry out some repairs, including the infested underground water.

Recently, there was an outbreak of another disease at the college but the Lagos State Government allayed such fear, even when some students were rushed to the hospital over the undisclosed sickness.

Away from this occurrences, the college has lost its moral compass as findings have shown that many of the students now engage in lesbianism.

The former boarding school now has some of its students living outside the college. A good example was the lady who arrived at the school from home on Wednesday with make-up.

She fixed eyelashes, painted her fingernails and cart walked to the entrance gate of the college but was stopped by the gateman. She was sent back home but returned with her mother after some hours to enter the college by force.

“Oooh, why must you stop my daughter from gaining access to her school,” the mother roared. She went straight to the gateman, held his clothes by the collar. “You are in trouble today,” she raged.

It took the intervention of other members of staff of the college to separate the gateman from the woman.

And when the pictures of the immoral pupil were being taken, the mother was trying to cover the long eyelashes and painted fingernails she helped fixed on the pupil.

“Abi e ri nkan. O to oju, o to ete, o tun ko eyelashes si oju”, the college principal spoke in heavy Yoruba dialect in the trending video.

As the mother and daughter were leaving the college, the principal shouted, “don’t ever come back to Queen’s College again.”

It turned out to be a bad day for the pupil and her mother. Their immoral conducts had abruptly ended the student’s education at Queen’s College.

We may not know what is going on between the mother and daughter back home at present but I’m sure, they will blame one another for acting so shamefully.

We have lost our moral compass. Today’s students are not motivated by academic excellence or good moral conduct. They are exposed to corrupt manners and instead of correcting them right from home, many parents condone decadence and tag it as evolution.

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