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Demanding Buhari’s Sense of Urgency

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Nigeria News takes a look at the demands of Nigerians from Buhari’s second term.

At 76, there is a limit to how far President Muhammadu Buhari can run. Of course, age is a number, one is praying for good health for the president as he embarks on another four years of rigorous work.

Nigeria is facing very big challenges in the areas of security and economy. This country is more divided along ethnic and religious lines. Nigerians demand a sense of urgency from the president; the citizens want better security system, economic growth and employment.

Prior to his inauguration, Buhari had promised to improve on his response time to issues and this should start from the appointment of his cabinet members.

Recall, it took the president six months to appoint his ministers after he was elected in 2015. Despite the lateness, many of the ministers were round pegs in the square holes.

The Buhari economic team was headed by lawyers instead of seasoned economists who could have handled the economic situation of this country better.

Today, the country is unsafe with the growing rate of killings by Boko Haram and herdsmen, banditry and kidnapping by gunmen.

While the 29 governors that were sworn-in on Wednesday read their inaugural speeches, President Muhammadu Buhari did not. The president’s speech perhaps is being delayed till June 12 when the inauguration ceremony and merriment would take place.

What happened on Wednesday was purely oath taking by Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Before now, the outgone Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said that the inauguration would be low-key.

The low-key inauguration turned out to be so much, except that the president did not give the inaugural speech, there was a military parade with other necessary inaugural rituals on display.

The second coming of Buhari will require a lot of innovations while also increasing his effort on fighting corruption. This government should not only concentrate his economic diversification on agriculture and solid mineral exploration but to technology.

It should involve youths in his policy formulation with fresh ideas on how to tackle insecurity and unemployment. Nigerian youths should be encouraged by creating an enabling environment and providing the necessary infrastructure to achieve it.

Due to lack of adequate power supply, Medium and Small Scale businesses are dying. Buhari will need to be more flexible with the economic policies by allowing experts to run it irrespective of their political party affiliation.

The government should take a second look at the military brass inwardly from the nation Security Council and fire members who have failed in the discharge of their responsibilities.

Successive governments, including this administration, have always abused the justice system by not obeying court judgment. There is a need for Buhari to change from this attitude. The government should call the police to order and make them to be more civil in their dealings with the members of the public.

Many officers of the Nigeria Police Force were found to be reckless in the discharge of their duties in the last four years. All of these must be corrected with a sense of urgency.

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