Divorce In The Royal Court: Ooni And Wuraola’s Intrigues

Nigeria news take a look at the recent divorce between Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi and his queen, Wuraola Otiti


The divorce between Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi and his queen Wuraola Otiti Zynab Obanor would not have sounded loud if it had happened before now.


When elders had called the attention of the foremost Yoruba traditional ruler to the marriage that was heading for the rock, the monarch, according to findings, allegedly said that the choice of Wuraola was spiritual and would not want to go against the tradition.


What looked like a rumour eventually became real midweek when Obanor took to her Instagram page to break the news that she was no longer in relationship with the king.


She reverted to her maiden name and said that the new life would give her the chance to focus on her humanitarian job with the United Nations.


Since she did this, the Ooni’s palace in Ile-Ife had been keeping mum. The media office of the monarch had refused to issue a statement over the royal divorce.


As expected, the Nigeria sophisticated media and critics have been condemning the breakup without necessarily looking at the human angle.


Most of the criticisms had emphasized on the exalted stool and why divorce should have been abated, no matter how eerie the accusation and counteraccusation between the king and the queen must have been.


The members of the public have quickly forgotten that though the king and the queen are celebrities, they are human beings and that the blood of man flows in them.


They have the tendency to act as man when the issue is about minds. Love is an activity of the soul. It breaks the heart when it not expressed to suit the partners and it can also mend a broken heart when it suits the partners.


It is true that the culture of people forbids some things and at times stands as a strong factor on marriage and love relationship, it cannot be obeyed at all time.


It was gathered that in Yoruba land a former wife of a king cannot marry again. In other words, Wuraola is not expected to marry again after she had divorced Ooni Ogunwusi.


Tradition also revealed that wives of late monarchs are automatically bequeathed to a new king. But it must be remembered that culture is dynamic and tradition changes over time.


Civilisation as a result of technological advancement has changed the behaviour of man, their culture and laws.


History taught us that there were deities in Yoruba land that ruled before the present days. They were human beings created by God but people deified them because of their special behavioural pattern.


They were seen as small gods because they had powers over inanimate organisms and good examples of them were Ogun, the god of iron, Sango, the god of thunder, oya, the god of the river, Orunmila, the god of Ifa divinity.


In their time, it was learnt that Ogun had interest in Oya and would like to marry her as his queen but Oya loved Sango instead of Ogun.


The love for Oya caused a serious disaffection between Ogun and Sango. The deities had to draw a battle line, which according to history was settled by Orunmila. “Sango loko Oya” became a song throughout the land after Orunmila’s intervention.


It must also be remembered that Ogun once occupied the stool of Oduduwa as a king in Ile-Ife. The story of love always come with intrigues. It is an exercise of the minds. It has little to do with positions and office. Great kings have challenges when it comes to love, lust and marriages.


It happened to the great King David of Israel who had to kill Uriah, one of his ferocious soldier to marry his wife Bathsheba. It happened to King Darius, it happened to King Herod whose daughter danced so well only to ask for the head of John the Baptist in return.


Yet, Africans read Bible, which was written in the culture and tradition of the Jews. The Bible of the Jews and the Ifa of the Yoruba reveal the endless intrigues of lust, love and marriages in the royal court. This is not done to legalise infidelity anyway but to show that all men, regardless of their positions and offices are animals in the night.

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