Easter Revelation: Jesus Never Died To Save The World – Prof Of Theology

The claim that Jesus died to save the world was refuted at the weekend by a professor of Christian Theology at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State.

The academic, Professor Pius Oyeniran Abioje said that Jesus Christ was killed by haters of truth in a religio-political setting and that he was not sent to come and die but to come speak the truth.

Abioje said this at the univeristy’s 167th Inaugural Lecture of the university, adding that there were conspiracies in many quarters during the time of Jesus to kill him because he challenged the political order at the time.

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In his lecture, ‘Christian Prophets and Other Prophets in Nigeria’, the theologian stated that the conspiracy against Jesus had come from the millieu of the chief priest and the political elites.

“Regrettably, the interpretations by many Christians is that God wanted Jesus to die so as to save the world,” he noted.

According to him, the world today still seeks redemption and if Jesus had died to save the world, all the problems at present would have vanished.

He called on Nigerian clerics to speak the truth at all time as he also appealed to citizens to see prophets who criticize government as human beings that could err at any time.

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“Prophets should be seen as partners of government to move a nation forward. This will move the world closer to God,” he said,

“Divinatory/esoteric prophets should avoid fraudulence.” They should see their divinatory knowledge as divine endowment to be used altruistically and not for exploitation, he told the pastors.

To him, prophets are God sent and should be bold to speak the truth both to the government and the citizenry.

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