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Echoes At Green Chamber Over Minority Leadership

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The Speaker, House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila has named the principal officers with the Peoples Democratic Party’s Ndidi Elumelu as the Minority Leader.

His choice of Elumelu has become a source of worry for the PDP caucus who are now threatening litigation against Gbajabiamila for allegedly imposing on his own crony.

New shoes can pinch at times as it is happening now that the All Progressives Congress is doing everything possible to stop the minority party from ruling through the back door.

But what surprises me is the noise about imposition being alleged by the Peoples Democratic Party caucus in the house.

This is too early from the former beneficiaries of the palace coup at the House of Representatives about four years ago.

The former Speaker, Yakubu Dogara who is now in the minority party and his caucus do not want Elumelu to represent them at the leadership level of the National Assembly.

They know the implication of not having their own at the top, having played the game, which eventually boomeranged.

Dogara, who was elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress did not mind selling the deputy speakership position to a PDP, Yusuf Lasun so that he could have his way.

Himself and the former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki doled out the principal and committees chairmen positions to the opposition.

They were APC in names but PDP in spirit and deeds. They succeeded in frustrating members of their own party and keeping the country stagnant for years.

The duo of Saraki and Dogara frustrated many of the appointments made by President Muhammadu Buhari as they worked more for the interest of PDP.

They later decamped to PDP and failed to return to the positions they had so much soiled as a result of their self-interest.

The shoes they wore for four years had been taken over by those who are APC in spirit and indeed.

For social media commentators who are beginning to compare Gbajabiamila’s few days in office to four years of Dogara’s anti-party activities, there is a need to check your records.

If Dogara had thought it healthy to have Lasun as his deputy, what makes it unhealthy for Gbajabiamila to have Elumelu as a minority leader.

As a matter of fact, Gbajabiamila has capitalized on the crack within the PDP caucus to name Elumelu whom he believes would serve his progressive agenda better than any other person in the PDP.

If the PDP house is in order, Gbajabiamila would not have preferred Elumelu to any other candidate.

The idea of electing a minority leader is the sole responsibility of the minority caucus but in a situation where the PDP has failed to reach a consensus, the speaker could use his long stick to whip them to shape as it is now for Elumelu.

So, judging Gbajabiamila’s ability to lead is hasty and parochial. He knows better with his long years of experience and education at the green chamber.

Elumelu does not drop from heaven to contest the minority leadership position, he has his own supporters within and outside PDP caucus who had preferred him to any other candidate.

The faction of PDP caucus that is planning to challenge Gbajabiamila’s stand at the court may not have their ways eventually.

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