Educational Institution And Its Diminished Glory

Educational Institution And Its Diminished Glory

Anytime the word ‘education’ is mentioned in Nigeria, what comes into perspective are the four-walls of a classroom.


According to Abraham Lincoln, an educated man is one who entertains himself, entertains others, and entertains new ideas and himself not consumed by it.


Going by that definition, education is not necessarily acquired in the formal classroom as it is been viewed by the public. Education, as a matter of fact, should be seen as a tool for national cohesion, for speedy development, and for a complete transformation of people. It can also be a veritable tool for reconstructing the mind by recreating and developing new ideas.


Education in Nigeria is fast becoming a laughing stock and a complete deviation from its actual meaning.


Before the coming of the western system of education, which seem to alienate and make unpopular the Nigerian system of education, the Nigerian educational system which was strictly the informal cum traditional system of education was faring well and was instilling sound minds and high moral standards in the lives of her citizens.


There were high regards for institutions, parents had their own way of disciplining their wards, masters had their own ways of training apprentices, etc. All the various professions had a well-organized structure that made things worked at that time.


Nigerians are hardworking people as can be seen in the various handiwork they are engaged in, for me these were educated people, that they were not educated in a western way does not portray them as illiterate.


My opinion, Nigeria started getting it wrong when it embraced the western system of education and completely abandoned their rich cultural heritage, thereby subjecting all educational curricula to suit the western life rather than focusing on our uniqueness and socio-cultural environment.


It is a dead-on-arrival situation when you import a lifestyle which is established on foreign-based criteria and expect it to work.


First and foremost, is the issue of having the English language as the official language. How can you adopt a foreign language as a medium for transferring instruction, when your citizens do not speak that language? Not necessarily because they do not want to speak it but because they do not have an idea whether it exists or not.


Secondly, was the introduction of Pidgin English, which was not done because they love Nigeria so much, but for the sole aim of penetrating the Nigeria populace and transact business with her.


Now tell me, someone with a superior knowledge of a language and superior knowledge on the business idea, would naturally become superior in that transaction, and by disposition, becomes the master and you the receiver becomes the slave, which defines why Nigerians became the slaves to the westerners.


It is a misnomer, when one is richly blessed with the best brains in the world, an incomparable strength, natural and human resources, close-to-perfect weather conditions, equal distribution of rainfalls, good position on the equator, etc. and yet poor.


It is synonymous with a country where the crude reserve is in abundance, four functional refineries, capable hands, and yet import fuel which is a by-product of crude.


What type of education have Nigerians acquired to bring them to this level of knowledge deformity?


Was it good that we adopted the western system of education?


Why is our curriculum “White”?


Why is it that a graduate cannot easily get a job after graduation?

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