Eid-el-Fitri: Cleric Warns Nigeria on the Looming Wrath of God

Eid-el-Fitri: Cleric Warns Nigeria on the Looming Wrath of God

Following the sighting of the moon, according to Nigeria News, in some parts of northern Nigeria on Saturday, the country’s head of Islamic Council, Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar Sa’ad declared Sunday for Salah.

He urged all Muslims in Nigeria to stop their Ramadan fasting on Saturday and proceed to Eid to celebrate the end of the 30-day-fasting.

He called on Nigerians to embrace peace and unity and use the occasion of the Salah to seek the face of God during this challenging period of economic recession.

Sultan had been a strong advocate of unity, peace and love in the diverse ethnoreligious entity called Nigeria.

To this extent, Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode joined other state governors to solicit unity and peace among Muslims and other religions.

Ambode whom himself is a Christian declared that the Lagos State Government would be hosting the Muslims in the state in 20 centres to propagate love and co-existence of all religious bodies in the state.

Ambode’s wife, Mrs. Bolanle is a leader in the Redeemed Christian Church of God but took time out during the week to celebrate with the Muslims.

Also a Muslim cleric and the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria Dr Mashuud Adenrele Fasola, decried discrimination along religion line.

He said the Mighty God does not discriminate among His Creation in respect of their nationality, ethnicity, race, class or religion.

According to him, the almighty God ranks people based on their purity and pious life, adding, “Righteousness represents the objective of fasting and the objective of all religions.”

He observed that though ethnicity had not really constituted much problem to Nigeria but the problem of corruption by political elites had rubbed the country the piety the almighty expected of it.

He explained that the political class knew themselves and met in secret places to dominate the masses and impoverish them the more so that they could loot the pubic treasury.

The cleric noted that God wrath might not come on Nigeria because of religious bigotry but because of injustice and crime being committed by the ruling class, which of course had destroyed many homes.

“The way out is for pious representatives of all ethnic and religious groups to come together to defend justice and equality, promote charity and good life for all citizens without any discrimination whatsoever and to oppose corruption and all evil conduct from whatever quarters they may emanate,” he said.

Nigerian politicians have always claimed to be either Christians or Muslims, yet there have been growing level of corruption, even when their religions pray against such practices.

Religion, ordinarily should unite people but when it divides them, it shows that somebody has been wrongly treated.

“Religion should unite us across all regions and ethnicity, because believers are united by the same principle of piety and righteousness as declared by Allah,” the cleric said.

He posited that if the political elites did not stop their corrupt practices and injustices, the wrath of God is near to fall on them.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s cardinal objective is to curb corruption in the country but his ill health has not helped him to achieve much.

He is currently on medical holiday in the United Kingdom while Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has been holding the forth.

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