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Eid-El-Kabir, Recession And Price Of Ram

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As Muslims marks Eid-el-Kabir, Nigeria News take a look at how recession draw many faithfuls away from ram market.


As usual the ram market is full as Muslims prepare to mark the Eid-el-Kabir festival across the country. One of the signs of Sallah period is the influx of trailer load of rams to the southern part of Nigeria from the north.


It is always an open market system for ram traders and dealers. They have occupied every available space with their rams for sale in the last one week.


Apart from those who need rams for “Ileya” as the Sallah fondly called in the Southwestern Nigeria, there are people who visit ram market to buy strong animals for sporting activity.


It is called “Ram Competition” and it is done for fame and fun.  “This is one of the reasons why ram is hyped during the season,” a Muslim, Alhaji Raheem Jelil said.


A stroll to ram markets in Lagos showed that an average size ram is sold between N50, 000 and N70, 000 depending on the location while small size stood between N25, 000 and N40, 000.


Unlike in the past when Lagos State Government earmarked funds for the purchase of rams as Sallah gifts to politicians and corporate bodies, recession had since stopped the wastages.


The present administration stopped the culture, which of course has had adverse effect on many residents whose Sallah solace had always come from the state house.


It is no more business as usual. Regrettably, the new policy also affects ram dealers, since their biggest customer, the government is no more in business.


Recession is battling hard as Muslims seek every means to slit the necks of rams in the remembrance of the faithful Prophets, Abraham and his son Ishmael.


At some markets, a big ram is sold between N90, 000 and 120, 000. This size of ram is always isolated from others. They tag them special rams, the type that are slaughtered at the praying ground on the Sallah day.


They are big, healthy and classy. They are beautiful and expensive male sheep. Some of them may not be good for sports, there are equally many of such size for game that stand between N80, 000 and N100, 000.


However, the problem at the ram market at present is that not many Muslims have the financial capacity to buy the animal of their choice. To them, the economy is bad and there is no money in circulation to purchase big ram.

Most of them who spoke to our correspondent said they had settled for smaller size of ram. Some would not even move closer to ram market, their Sallah would be celebrated with fish and perhaps chicken.


In Osun State, Governor Rauf Aregbsola subsidized the price of rams for Muslims. The state Government offered to sell big rams at 40, 000.


But the government had been criticized that the rams were being sold to politicians and that Muslims who really needed the rams could not get it.


Though Lagos could not provide rams, the government came with LAKE Rice. It sells a 50kg of rice at N12, 000 instead of the N16, 500 in the market.


The state government said that the LAKE rice, a product of partnership between Lagos and Kebbi state will go a long way in making the Sallah festival a memorable one for Muslims.

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