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El-Zakzaki’ Sumptuous Meal

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Nigeria News takes a look at the N3.5 million spent monthly to prepare food for the detained Shiite leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

What will be more sumptuous than a meal prepared with over N100, 000?

It will contain all the necessary ingredients, seasonings and drinks to wash the food down the throat of the eater.

I expect the detained leader of the Nigeria Islamic Movement, Shitte, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky to look more nourished when he eventually gains his freedom from the Federal Government custody.

As a freeman, he could not have afforded N3.5 million for feeding every month. But right in the cell, our government spends over N100,000 to feed him and his wife daily.

The Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed had said at a news conference that the government spends N3.5 million monthly to feed the Shiite leader.

He said it off record and never expected that such careless words would hit the front pages of newspapers.

Mohammed should have known that not all journalists would keep to the ethics, now that there are thousands of bloggers who now parade themselves as media professionals.

What Mohammed said as off record became the scoop for an unprofessional reporter who made the video available online a few hours that the minister vomited it.

That is not the issue here anyway but the meal that costs over N100,000. I do not think that the government will provide a buffet for the couple every day?

And if every meal for Zakzakys is a buffet, do the couple take wine, which of course could raise the cost of the food and drinks.

One had asked because good old wines are expensive and one bottle of champagne could cost as much as N100, 000.

But the Muslim Cleric and wife prefer water and juice to wine in public places, including the glorified cell the government had kept them for about three years.

Severally, courts have ordered the release of the Cleric but the government has refused to let him go.

Lai Mohammed once said that the continued incarceration of El-Zakzaky was for the Cleric’s safety and nothing more.

So, it could be deduced that the N3.5 million being spent on food monthly encompasses some safety measures put in place for El-Zakzaky by the government.

It sounds hypocritical that a government that claims to lack the capacity to pay N30,000 minimum wage to a Nigeria worker can spend N3.5 million to feed a man monthly.

El-Zakzaky lost one of his children to the fracas between his followers and Nigeria soldiers in Zaria, Kaduna State in 2015.

Only his faith must have given him solace, not the sumptuous meal he now takes in a well-furnished cell within the corridor of power.

Ask, if he would prefer a good meal to a life of incarceration, where he would not be able to preach the sermon to his followers, El-Zakzaky will definitely kick against it.

Life, as the scripture says should not be for food alone but for every word of God.

This is where Lai Mohammed missed it. He was trying to make the government look responsible by announcing how much the administration is spending on El-Zakzaky in the area of food.

Mohammed goofed by making public the news he preferred to be off-record.

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