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Emergence of New Characters That’ll Shape And Shake NASS

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Nigeria News take a look at the new leadership of NASS and the country’s expectations.

The All Progressives Congress and by extension, President Muhammadu Buhari has just passed the first hurdle of creating a harmonious regime between the executive arm and the legislature.

The endorsement of Senator Ahmed Lawan by the party and his consequent election as the President of the Senate is expected to deal with such issues as budget padding and budget delay at the National Assembly.

Lawan knew from the onset, the role he had been assigned to perform, having lobbied himself to the position with his long years of experience and politicking in the Senate.

He is replacing Dr Bukola Saraki whose constituency refused to return to the Senate at the last general election.

But I pray for a good relationship between Lawan and his deputy, Ovie Omo-Agege whose uncompromising character could shake the Senate leadership.

Omo-Agege represents the South while Lawan represents the north but both of them are Buhari’s allies and APC anointed.

With this new arrangement, the southeast has lost out in the power equation of the country for the next four years. The former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu lost the position to Omo-Agege in an election that was virtually onesided.

At the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila polled 281 votes to floor Umaru Bago from Niger State who polled 76 votes. Gbajabiamila, having lost to Yakubu Dogara four years ago with a slim margin eventually rose to the number four seat on Tuesday.

Idris Wase emerged unopposed as the Deputy Speaker House of Representatives. With this, Buhari should not have any excuse for non-performance.

The party has created a solid ground for him to run. No, I wasn’t expecting any surprise, I was merely amused at the almost paranoid ways of politicians. It has been war outside the chambers and votes buying in the chambers.

The new NASS leadership is expected not only to collaborate with the coming Federal Executive Council in moving the nation forward but to check and balance their workings.

This time the ruling party heavily mobilised all stakeholders to have its way. It needed to. The song must change. The “I am for everybody, I am for nobody must change. Time to rocket is here. Everything that must be sacrificed must give way. The road this time must lead to Next Level.

For four years the APC blamed itself for not being in control of the legislature. Almost all its failures it heaped on the NASS.

Now that excuse has been erased. Beginning from today the Muhammadu Buhari government’s scorecard will begin.

It would be assumed that all its enemies have been locked out. It would be assumed that like minds are in the judiciary just as they have emerged at the Legislature.

With that, this government would not fail. One can only wish that what they seek is not a mirage otherwise the government might just cook up new demons. It is the way of politics after all.

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