Ending Slavery In Libya

Ending Slavery In Libya

Ending Slavery in Libya is very possible. The actual question should be, why are Nigerians seeking greener pastures even in countries where they are hated?


To summarize the answer, one needs to look at this popular adage, which says, “It is better to be a slave in Heaven than to reign in hell”.

Nigeria is a country where the leaders are so self-centred, no values for human life, no incentives for doing the right things, unemployment is on the increase, over-bloated labour force, no hope of gaining any form of employment even after graduating with good grades from Nigerian tertiary institutions.


Nigerians are very hardworking people, they migrate to countries where hard work actually pays, even if it’s going to cost them their lives since they are not appreciated back home, they are forced to leave the country either legally or illegally.


An average youth in Nigeria desires the good things of life most especially with the exposure on the social media. One can imagine the quality of life as illustrated by their peers when they travel out of Nigeria, painting a scenario of a good life reflected by the style of dressings, places they visited, the food they eat, etc.


One who can barely afford a meal back home is seen flaunting what most people will think is “the good life” without seeking to know what they actually do to survive. This creates a mental picture of pleasure and hence the desperation to leave the country at all cost.


This can be seen from experiences shared so far by some of the returnees from Libya. Imagine what an individual will be thinking if he/she is offered an opportunity to travel out of the country irrespective of the country of destination, and only discovers that he/she has fallen victim of human traffickers who are themselves victims of the system’s failing standards.


It is important for the Nigerian government to take the welfare of her citizen more serious and stop paying lip-service on the pages of print media and television stations. The reality on ground is more daring, more challenging and it’s biting really hard that one will be thinking if the government is completely ignorant of the sufferings of its citizens or the so-called advisers who claim to interact with ordinary Nigerians on the street are not sincere in relating the actual information to the leaders about the happenings in the country.


The fact remains that, Libya is only ahead of Nigeria in terms of crude oil Production and nothing more. Nigeria has enormous human and mineral resources to make her self-sufficient, but the questions that emanate from the popular school of thoughts will be “why are Nigerians leaving Nigeria?” the answer is not far-fetched, it lies in the sincerity of purpose, political will to do, contentment, making sacrifices, social integration, etc. if these preponderate the leadership structures in Nigeria, one can be sure of retaining her citizens and forestalls unnecessary migration and put an end to incessant trafficking in persons and other anti-social vices. If Nigerians are self-sufficient they have no business seeking greener pastures in Libya.


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