Excesses of The Nigerian Military In Benue

Nigeria News takes a look at the air raid by the Nigerian military in Benue State, following the attack of a military officer by hoodlums.

It is very sad that the National Assembly is currently prostrate about the state of insecurity and the level of impunity being displayed by our top military brass in a supposed democracy.

It sounds pathetic that the Army and Air Force could raid three communities in Benue State where many civilians were killed because of an alleged attack of an army engineer, Major. Gen. John Malu by hoodlums in the area.

This happened the same day the Boko Haram terrorists attacked a community in Borno, killing scores of people while the military had no answer to the mass murder of innocent people.

One would have expected the army to launch an attack on the Boko Haram terrorists who are more sophisticated and dreadful than chasing after hoodlums in Benue, leading to the death of innocent souls.

A well-coordinated attack involving the Army and Air Force took place in Benue State. A General in the Army was allegedly attacked. Details are scanty at the moment, not just about civilian casualties, but about what actually provoked the military assault. It appears our service chiefs have lost it.

Benue is not a war zone by any standard. Why deploy mortars and combat aircrafts? If a General was even attacked, should that call for such use of force?

With the way things look now in Benue, where Fulani herdsmen had been killing people but with no serious measure by the federal government to stop it, this may be confirming the position of Gen. TY Danjuma ( RETD) that the present government is out for ethnic cleansing.

I suspect that the aggrieved locals, who believe the military is taking sides may have come out to protest against the army general whom through reprisal had launched a ferocious attack on the innocent farmers of Benue.

How do you deploy such overwhelming force to contain persons who are not on the same level as Boko Haram? Do we have a police situation report? Did the affected General report the incident to the police?

I do not want to think that President Muhammadu Buhari is being held hostage by his service chiefs. But after the Kaduna massacre of Shiites in which Mr President has not uttered a word till date, it appears we are back under military rule. And that is sad.

In the case of Boko Haram, their operations are modelled after that of modern combat units – mobile, but with a minimum of six at most points of attack, so that they are extremely quick on the move with few heavy materials holding them down. Their back up colleagues would have also been nearby, and those ones cannot be less than 24 in number.

But if technology and proper coordination among the security services had been driving this war, eyes in the air and on the ground should have spotted them before or shortly after the latest Borno State attack began on Saturday.

The Air Force should have rapidly deployed. Mortar attacks from the Army should have commenced. Snipers on the alert should have also swung into action. But all these did not happen, rather the army had chosen to air raid the Benue communities.

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