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Fading Fate of Igbo In Nigeria Politics

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Nigeria News takes a look at the fate of Igbo ethnic nationality in Nigeria’s politics.

The noise on whether it is the turn of the Igbo ethnic group to become Nigeria President in 2023 is not louder.

The two prominent political parties; that is the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are not even looking in the direction of Igbo for now.

Except for the permutation changes, the PDP as posited by the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki will re-present Atiku Abubakar if he fails to claim the mandate through the ongoing election petition tribunal.

If oneshould judge by the evidences before the tribunal, it is obvious that PDP maynot win the case. The main evidence is the election results the PDP purportedlyobtained from INEC server.

INEC had denied imputing results on its server and would not know the source of results for by PDP.

So, Atikumay be in the race again in 2023. Even if the PDP will not want him, the partywill settle for another strong northerner to fly its presidential flag againstany candidate of the APC.

Going by thecurrent status in APC, the southwest is more favoured to produce the nextpresidential candidate in 2023.

This does not necessarily mean that the candidate must be Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as many have been for in the last few months.

Although, the former Lagos State Governor had not denied such ambition anyway his position could be challenged by another person from the zone when the time comes.

There cannever be a better time for the Igbos to launch into the presidential race thannow.

The Igbo race has been too silent in the political scheming. This race should stop talking about marginalization if it has lacked the will to challenge the status quo. The race should harmonise the political differences among its leaders and come out as a united force towards 2023 presidential race if it must come out of marginalization.

Nobody willdash the Igbos the presidential seat. It is a position they must challenge notwith guns but with elements of wits, political sagacity and capacity.

As a matterof fact. A presidential candidate, Kingsley Moghalu is from the southeast, theprofessor of Political Economics could be a consensus candidate of the Igboscome 2023.

He is young,brilliant and capable of leading Nigeria. The fate of Igbos lie in their hands.The Igbo has gotten strong and brilliant people that can lead this country butthe problem is that the ethnic group is divided among itself.

Recall thatmany of the Igbo leaders kicked against the choice of Peter Obi as Atiku’srunning mate in the last election for personal reasons. This should not be ifthe tribe must produce the next Nigerian president.

While Yorubaethnic nationality whose son, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has been the vicepresident is pushing forward for the Nigeria’s number one position, the Igbohas suddenly gone into silence, waiting for power to fall on its laps.

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