Farewell Messages To APC

Nigeria News captures the mood of the members of breakaway R-APC.

The All Progressives Congress, APC has sued its former members who broke away from the party. I ask, when did it become illegal for a politician to dissociate himself from a particular party, even he had not committed any offence?

The breakaway, “Reformed All Progressives Congress” under the national chairmanship of Buba Galadima will have some questions to answer when the leadership appears in court.

Perhaps, the APC has begun to lose sleep despite the larger than life attitude of the party’s National Chairman, Adams Oshiomole.

He said late last week that the APC would not lose sleep over the Galadima’s group but the present litigation by the APC shows signs of uneasiness in the camp of President Muhamadu Buhari.

Kaduna, a neighbouring state to Katsina State where Mr President hails from, just inaugurated its state officials that will be representing the r-APC.

Membership of the r-APC is gradually increasing and it appears that more federal lawmakers will join the group soon as negotiations are going on among the political elites.

It is a song of farewell to a party that is just about four years old. While Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central came up with a farewell poem to APC, his colleague from Kogi West, Senator Dino Melaye released a video clip singing to renounce the APC.

To Sani, the broom, which is the symbol of the APC is dirty and stained with blood and cannot clean the mess in this country.

To him, the broom has suddenly become swords under which many Nigerians have been killed and yet the leadership of the APC has refused to stop the killings in Nigeria and the impunity within the party.

Galadima actually cited impunity as the main reason some members had broken away from the APC. He noted that r-APC members were forced to quit the APC because the leadership had refused to correct the anomalies.

To Sani, the executive arm of the present government has arrogated too many powers to itself to the detriment of the other arms.

He said, “Executive order is an instrument that should conform to the law, comply with the law & concur with the law OR else it becomes an autocratic & ruthless device for the inauguration of savagery, undermining democratic values, circumventing the rule of law & creating a Gestapo state.

According to him, If you remove the Parliament, the Government will only be for the ‘friends’ of the President; If you remove the Judiciary, the Prison will only be for the ‘enemies’ of the President; If you remove the constitution, the country will only be at ‘the mercy of the mood’ of the President. Where the rule of law is selectively applied to interest, where fundamental rights are habitually breached, where court orders gather dust, the moral flag of such a society and its establishment flies at half-mast.

It is better to bid such government and party farewell; that is the way Melaye sees it. He sang and tagged his video, “Bye bye to Jati Jati”.

He described his defection from APC as political liberation, adding that he was blind but now he can see.

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