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Fashola’s Statement and Backlash Over Bad Roads

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ElevateNews takes a look at Babatunde Fashola’s statement on Bad roads and its backlash.

It is just four years and a few months that Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) completed a two-term tenure as the governor of Lagos State. During his eight years, he rose to become a new bride in Nigeria politics. Everybody wanted to associate with him because of his good performance.

He did not only do well practically, but Fashola also used his oratory wisdom to drive his legal knowledge. He was a delight to watch at every forum. His statements and works became a control mechanism for other State governors, including those in the Peoples Democratic Party.

We saw him as a genius. We could not wait for him to become a minister to help solve the perennial problem of epileptic power supply and also repair the dilapidated roads across the country.

One of his statements then was that a good government would fix the problem in the power sector within six months. Regrettably, Fashola failed to fix the power problem while he was the super minister of Power, Works and Housing.

His wits became suspicious. His words were not taken serious again by millions of Nigerians who had wanted him to perform miracles, judging by his past performances in Lagos and of course his weighty words against the previous administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Twice he had appeared before the Senate as a ministerial nominee and twice he had scaled through. On each occasion, he had turned the lawmakers to classroom students. His presentation is always thorough and laced with a bit of academic exercise.

But our super minister goofed a few days ago when he said that Nigerian roads are not as bad as people describe. This is a clear indication that the minister of works has been doing much of his jobs in the air. Fashola should begin to travel on land.

Travelling by road will enable him to see how dangerous many of the Nigerian roads had become especially during this raining season. The minister must have based his assessment on the northern roads, many of which are still good due to the topography of the region.

As a matter of fact, the government at all levels do not have many challenges about the number of damaged roads in the north. Roads in the tropical rain forest of the south get spoilt quickly than those in the north.

I think Nigerians should begin to plant crops and flowers in the various potholes on the roads across the country so that Fashola can see that the citizens are mild in their use of words.

The government is working on some major roads in the six zones of the country. This does not suggest that the inner roads, which are the responsibility of the State and local governments are good.

Many Nigerians had died in auto crashes due to bad roads. Fashola’s utterance on the state of our roads is a sharp deflection from who he is. I am sure, he cannot defend this.

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