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Father Ties Teenage Son To Window For 3 Days

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One Mr. Austin Segun was arrested but released on bail for tying his 13-year-old son, identified as Tobi Segun to the window for three days.

He committed the crime with his wife Mrs. Edijala Favour Segun at Eruemukohwarien community, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

According to the community vigilante group, the boy was found crying for help at about 2am during a patrol at the weekend from the window where he was tied to.

“When we moved closer, we realized that the boy was burnt with iron and tied to the window with his two hands chained together at his back,” one of the vigilante members said.

He said that they alerted the Chairman of the vigilante who asked them to enter the house and find out what was going on.

“When we gained entrance to the house, we saw the boy tied to the window and unloose him. He told us that his father and step mother tied him up and that he had been like that for three days,” the vigilante said.

On gaining entrance to the house, the vigilante could not see the parents but the landlord had to call them on phone and also alerted the DPO, Ughelli police division.

When the parents arrived, they were mobbed by angry residents for treating the boy wickedly since his mother died some years ago.

But the intervention of the police saved them from being attacked by the residents. They told the police that they had to tie the boy because the teenager is a wizard.

“They told us that he is a wizard at a Church we went to for prayers and he also admitted that he is a wizard.

The police, however arrested Mr. Segun and asked the wife to take the boy to the hospital.

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