FG Loses Suit Against Lagos State in S’Court Over Power To Regulate Property

The federal government has lost in a suit it filed at the supreme court against Lagos state to stop the Lagos State Government from asserting control over landed properties it sold out to individuals and corporate bodies.

The supreme court ruled that the federal government can no longer have any interest that can be threatened by any action of the state government after they had already sold the properties and divested their interests in them.

Justice Musa Dattijo Muhammed delivered the ruling by the apex court in the land which was deliberated upon by a seven-member panel of Justice, held that the objection of the government of Lagos state to the suit was accurate and correct on the ground that the federal government no longer has any interest to protect on the properties.

In his words, Justice Musa Dattijo Muhammed stated that “The plaintiff, who lacks the standing to sue, cannot invoke the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to assert a title it no longer has. It is academic and hypothetical for the court to proceed in a matter it has no jurisdiction.”

The dispute came about after the Lagos state government directed that buyers of properties sold by the federal government should regularize their ownership of the properties with the state on the ground that these properties are situated in Lagos.

The ruling was unanimous as the ruling struck out the case of the federal government against Lagos.