FG To Base Salary Increase On Workers’ Productivity

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It has been revealed that the desire of the present administration is to leave the country with transparency and efficiency.


This was contained in a transcript by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo during a session titled, ‘Conversation with the Vice-President’ at the 2017 Nigerian Bar Association National Conference.


The Vice President said that while there was the need to increase revenue, the government would not hesitate to pay more to workers who would be ready to do so.


Osinbajo spoke on the demand for higher wages by Nigerian workers and the angle at which the Federal Government was looking at the issue.


“Sometimes, it is a chicken and egg situation because in order to increase revenues, we need to increase remuneration,” he said.


He said that while it was not a bad idea to increase salary of workers, the government might approach it selectively in the sense that it would be based on efficiency and productivity.


According to the vice president, the government might not necessarily increase the wages of workers but the remuneration package and bonuses of certain agencies would increase based on their performance.


To him, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS has been doing well in the area of Internally Generated Revenue, including some other agencies but there are many that are doing so little.


He noted that the government spent over 70 per cent of its revenue on wages and salaries while only 30 per cent goes to capital expenditure.

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