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Fuss About Foreign Education For Children of Nigerian Leaders

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Nigeria News takes a look at the unnecessary excitements about political elites who advertise their children for schooling abroad.

It is worrisome how political office holders now parade pictures of their children schooling abroad on the pages of newspapers and social media platforms.

Nigeria university education has practically collapsed that the political leaders themselves have lost hope in the system.

A few weeks ago, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and his wife Dolapo were overseas to celebrate with their son who graduated in one of the prestigious universities abroad.

Last year, it was the former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki and his wife that placed the picture of their son’s graduation ceremony from a foreign school on social media.

The former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha also did his own. President Muhammadu Buhari is not excluded from the trend, except that he would not send the picture online.

Almost all the politicians now enroll their children in European and American universities while the Indigenous institutions, rot away.

In fact, the Central Bank of Nigeria had to sort out ways to make dollars available for Nigerian foreign students. The dwindling forex nearly crippled the education of many of these children of politicians about two years ago.

Of course, there are millions of rich Nigerians who also send their children abroad for quality education, the situation is steadily becoming a culture among the present crops of leaders in Nigeria.

The number of faith-based universities is also increasing by the day across the country. These private institutions are not meant for the children of the poor but for the rich in the church.

Built from tithes and offerings of the poor masses, the citadel of learning is established to solve the problems of the rich children in the church who cannot afford foreign education.

It is clear that those whose responsibility is to revamp the fallen varsity education in Nigeria are not bothered because they do not have their children in the system.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities can only do a little when parents who are supposed to challenge the government have perpetually kept quiet in the face of this oppression.

They will rather pay their tithes to secure heaven than to fight oppression to live a quality life.

I could remember that the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo enrolled his children in public schools as the Premier of defunct Western Nigeria.

Of course, the children later acquired foreign degrees, they began from Nigeria where they mingled with the children of the less privileged.

However today, leaders buy advert space in the newspapers to advertise their children who graduate from foreign varsities.

They do this not because they need a job for their children but to announce to the public the incoming leaders whom they have trained with looted public funds.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in sending children abroad for quality education but it is absurd when leaders are now using it to oppress the masses whose children have even found it difficult to gain admission to any of the indigenous institutions.

I realize that many poor Nigerian parents now send their children to the Republic of Benin for university education.

It has never been so bad that Nigerians now study in Cotonou because they cannot gain admission in Nigeria due to lack of space and exorbitant tuition in private universities.

Every year, about two million candidates write the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

Only 20 percent of this population gain admission to higher institutions while the remaining 80 percent waits till another year.

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board has turned Nigerian youths who are desirous of Tertiary education to its cash cow.

The board. since the inception of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari now make billions of naira from candidates who want Varsity education.

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