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Gang Up Against Sanity

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Nigeria News takes a look at the caliber of people in the political and private sectors in Nigeria.

It was the noise that woke me up. Echoes of the crowd, “Free Barabas and crucify Jesus”. My children had concentrated more on the movie, “Jesus of Nazareth during the Easter Holiday while I slept to take a rest from the rigours of past working weeks.

Of course, Pilate had to listen to the Pharisees, handed over Jesus to them and set free Barabas, the notorious thief. This happened in Israel hundreds of years ago but it is still happening now in many nations, including Nigeria.

The political and public spaces are so permeated by crooks and rogues who have become a strong clique that controls the economic life of the country. No saint breaks into this clique unless he is ready for initiation.

The private sector is controlled largely by men of a shady character who have climbed their way to the top through the crook way. They are in our workplaces. Somebody wrote the West African School Examination for them. They never passed through any academic exercise, yet they flaunt certificates.

A friend once told me that a university degree costs between N1 and N5 million depending on the quality of the institution. This is different from a fake certificate that could be obtained at “Oluwole” in Lagos.

There are university degree certificates that are authentic even when the holder never passed through the institution. Everything about the certificate is perfected. The various courses offered during the “fake programme” are recorded with the cumulative, the notification of result is prepared, certificate is given and yet the holder was never a student.

There are thousands of them in big places. However, there is a limit to how far they can go due to their incompetence but their strength is hidden in their craftiness to keep the real professionals at bay.

There is gang up against intellectuals in the political and private sector. Those who can change the fortune of this country are in the Senate, House of Representatives.

There are also quality men and women in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari. Of course, there are quality ministers and State governors whose idea are terrific but they are very few in number compared with the population of the mediocres whose purpose is to eat the country’s dry and use all avenues to protect their shady life.

Most times, I ask why those that we think are saintly will join politics, only to compromise their principles within the shortest period in power. Some do not only compromise on principle, they redefined their faith to suit their new position.

They see corruption and look elsewhere. They hear about it but refuse to listen while the society that is supposed to protest against stealing and killing roars for the release of looters. “Free Barabas, crucify Jesus”, the noise is loud.

It seems there is no hope for Nigeria again. The politics is exposing politicians who never wrote WASCE but passed the examination. The politics is exposing the public officers who never attended schools but flaunt certificates. There is gang up against sanity.

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