Girl Sues Father To Court For Denying Her Marriage

A 23-year-old spinster, Khadija Ibrahim has sued her father before an upper area court in Karu, Abuja for denying her to marry man of her choice.

He told the court that her father, Ibrahim Bassa had refused to give his consent to marry her heartthrob, one Abdulhamidu whom she said had made several moves to meet her father.

“Each time my suitor plans to visit my father so that he can give his consent, my father always run away from home,” she said.

Khadija stated that her father had refused to give her cogent reason why she could not marry Abdulhamidu except that the man is not a Fulani person.

She pleaded with the court to order her father to allow her get married to the suitor, whose name she gave as Abdulhamidu.

She said, “I want the court to plead to my father so that he will allow me to marry the man I really love.”

Reacting, her father, Bassa said that he had refused to give his consent because he did not know the family of the said suitor being paraded by his daughter.

He said, “I have advised her that marriage is not a simple matter as she thought and that because the man is not Fulani person I cannot give my prayer.”

He explained that in Fulani tradition, the family of the man must be known before a daughter can be given out in marriage.

“My Lord, she is too young to make a choice of marriage and even to marry an outsider. But she has remained adamant and even brought me to court.”

In his verdict, the judge, Abdullahi Baba called on the family to maintain peace as he adjourned the case to May 29.

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