Herdsman Attacks Woman, Attempts To Rape Her

Herdsman Attacks Woman, Attempts To Rape Her

A suspected herdsman attacked a 28-year-old mother of two, Florence Godday inside Igbo Abo community in Akure North area of Ondo State.


The woman said this while narrating her ordeal to the police at the weekend, adding that the herdsman almost raped her during the attack.


The herdsman cut the woman with a knife and tore her clothes ready to rape her but she shouted for help loudly to make the suspect flee the scene.


She stated that she had just finished working on her cassava farm and wanted to fetch firewood when the herdsman emerged from the bush.


“I greeted him and he replied. I asked him to lift the firewood on my head, which he obliged. As he put the firewood on my head, he brought out a knife and cut my cloth,” she said.


Godday was injured on her head but her noise scared the suspect as he fled the area.


However, her husband and some community elders sought the suspect among the herdsmen and got him arrested by the police.


Confirming the incident, the Police image maker, Femi Joseph, said an investigation was going on but that the suspect had been released on bail.


He said that the suspect was not a Fulani herdsman as claimed by the victim but a “scavenger that met the woman on her farm, and attempted to sexually abuse the woman.


According to him, the suspect is from Langtang in Plateau State.

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