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Herdsmen Attack In Southwest May End This Project; Nigeria

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Nigeria News takes a look at the turn of herdsmen attacks in Southwest Nigeria.

The Yorubas hardly fight with guns and arrows. It is a race that believes so much in dialogue and intellectual discussion. Many may disagree that the weapon of pens and intellectual engagements have not done much for the political emancipation of the Southwest but it has preserved peace in the region for a long time.

Among the six zones that form this country, the southwest is still the most peaceful in terms of security and economy but this peace may cease to exist if nothing is done by the Federal Government to quickly stop the criminal activities of the Fulani herdsmen in the region now.

I am very happy to read on the facebook wall of the immediate past Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Kehinde Bamigbetan that he could not ply Ife-Ibadan Road due to the kidnapping activity of the herdsmen in the area.

He was in Ibadan on Friday evening but had to lodge in a hotel because intelligent information revealed that the kidnapper herdsmen would be on the road between 5pm and 8pm. Bamigbetan called a friend who worked with the government of Osun State, Osogbo to know the security situation on the road.

He was advised to sleep in Ibadan and leave for Ife on Saturday instead of running into the hands of the dreaded Fulani herdsmen. Investigation reveals that these marauders operate between 5am and 7am; 5pm and 8pm. They kidnap innocent Nigerians, mostly Yorubas who travel on that road for ransom, rape and various kinds of abuses.

A victim of kidnap narrated her ordeal in the den of Fulani kidnappers a few weeks ago, in which she was raped alongside her daughter and her husband by the herdsmen in a thick tropical forest of Yorubaland.

She paid N5 million ransom to strangers in her own land before she could get freedom. She had since relocated abroad with her family and vowed never to visit Nigeria again.

As a matter of fact, the herdsmen are being given more power in Nigeria today with the plan to license a Radio Station for Fulani herdsmen. It was gathered that many of these Fulani herdsmen had chased Yoruba farmers out of their farms and turned the woods to hideouts where they keep their captives.

According to Bamigbetan, the Palace of Ooni of Ife is aware of the herdsmen criminal activities along Ife-Ibadan road but it is expecting the State and Federal Government to do something about the spate of insecurity in the place.

Early last week, the Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere petitioned the United Nations over the level of criminal activity of the herdsmen in the Southwest. On Friday, the five governors of the Southwest States had an emergency meeting to discuss the security of the region.

The momentum to secure the region from Fulani herdsmen is rising. Last week, the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode raised the alarm, saying he would move the motion for Southwest secession.

Before then, former President Olusegun Obasanjo whom himself is a Yoruba chief has raised the alarm over “Fulanisation” of the country, calling on other tribes to be at alert against the plan of the present government to empower the Fulanis.



    June 9, 2019 at 11:48 PM

    we southwest have to wake up,because this is not ready to solve country problem, in the seances that he can’t leaves his tribes and support any others tribe so let’s think twice

  2. Chris Moore

    June 9, 2019 at 9:19 PM

    l am so much bewildered and at the same time alarmed at the high level of hypocrisy in this country.l am forced to ask why is it that every other tribe in Nigeria.seems to be less concerned and feels so lacklustred when all this attacks and blood feastings are not happening in their domain.When lgbos or Tiv’s are killed by the army or terrorists of our dear Buhari,They inwardly rejoice and pretend that all is well with our one Nigeria.When indeed 3.5 million lgbos were massacred in the inglorious Nigeria/Biafra pogron,every other tribe in Nigeria danced and clapped in jubilation, everyone popped champagne and Burukutu in massive celebration to the endless flow of lgbos/minor ethnic’s blood that waters the ambience of our one Nigeria.Quite most recently thousands of souls were wasted in some other states of our so called one Nigeria and yet our shameless politicians groove about in their ill gotten luxury,soaked in champagne and pino-collada.Their only dream, is their next holiday or vaccation in the best five star hotels /in Dubai and the Caribbean. l most solemnly declare unto all in this platform,that the onslaught that is coming is nothing but the long awaited REVOLUTION/DOOMS DAY. The days of reckoning is here with us.This is the time for Nigeria to pay for her grevious sins.A grave sin against God and Humanity and our own very Buhari is the almighy messenger and Devils advocate to manifest the holy macabre.Nothing is going to stop the incoming inferno.lt is going to be a long war without end. NOTE,lt is now not a question of been lgbo, Hausa or Yoruba or any minority, Everybody will feel the scourge because we have grievously insulted God in this nation, upon all his goodnessand mercies upon us.My only grieve now is for the innocent little children who will have to suffer grievously for the sins of their fathers. Nigeria and everybody in here just have a twinkle of time from now to repent and seriously seek the face of God and ask him for forgiveness and sincerely turn away from the evil we brought soley upon ourselves.Else strangers from Niger,Chad,Mali, Libya in the guise of Boko haram,herdsmen and Isis are all poised to destroy and take over our dear Country Nigeria. PLS DON’T CRY MY DEAR, TRUTH IS BITTER!!!!!.

  3. Smart

    June 9, 2019 at 5:23 PM

    We in the south west should not expect this government to do anything about this but rise to challenge this menace for this a long time plan of the north wish Buhari think he has come to fufil.He is another usmandanfodio in disguised

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