Herdsmen Must Register Now Before Entering Kwara-State Govt

As part of its efforts to curb the clash between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in Kwara State, the government has commenced the registration of herdsmen.

Any herdsman that enters the state now must be registered so as to ascertain where he was coming from and how to provide security for him and his cattle.

The Chairman of the Transitional Implementation Committee (TIC), Mallam Musa Buge said this, adding that the government had taken such proactive measure to ensure herdsmen and farmers live peacefully.

Buge who is representing Baruten Local Government Council of Kwara, said it would start its registration of foreign herdsmen moving into the council area.

Buge said, “Government will have all foreign herdsmen registered. They will be given identity cards and have their data saved for security purpose.”

However, Buge condemned the recent clash between farmers and herdsmen in Yakira community where four people were confirmed dead and several others injured.

Calling on farmers and residents who had engaged the herdsmen in breeding cattle, the chairman advised them to be careful on the kind of person they would engage.

He equally said that most of the crises in the area were caused by hired herdsmen rather than resident cattle owners.

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