Herdsmen, Offa Bank Robbery: Who Is Complicit, Police Or Saraki?

Nigeria News takes a look at the complicity of the police, Saraki in the herdsmen activities and of course the Offa bank robbery.

“We are not criminals, so the police cannot arrest us”, so says the leadership of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeder Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, the umbrella body of the Fulani herdsmen.

Yes, the killer herdsmen remain innocent until a law court prove it otherwise. But in this situation that the police do not even see them as suspects, it becomes a tough order for anybody to prosecute the marauders among the herders.

When the spate of killings by the herders became alarming, the Senate invited the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to find out why and to seek professional advise on how it could help solve the problem of insecurity in the country.

Thrice, the Senate invited Idris but he refused to show up. The Benue State Government where the massacre first took place accused the police of complicity in the activities of the herdsmen.

The State Governor, Samuel Ortom called for the arrest of the killers but instead the bereaved were summoned by the law enforcement agencies.

Saraki was angered by Idris’ insolence to the Senate and before he could say jack, the president of the Senate had been robed in the Offa bank robbery.

Saraki had raised the alarm even before the police made it public that he might be indicted in Offa robbery. A Senate delegation was sent to President Muhamadu Buhari to call the IGP to order.

Some of the suspects in the Offa robbery confessed to have worked as thugs for Saraki but that the Senate president never sent them on robbery assignment.

Like Saraki, almost all Nigerian politicians have thugs who work for them. These thugs are known by the police. They are the errands boys the political elites send to settle the police. Some take to crime after every election to make ends meet. They kill for money. They kidnap for ransom. They have been armed by these politicians. They are dreaded and dangerous to the society.

The police cannot pretend not to know these jobless youths who have since become instruments in the hands of politicians to torment innocent people.

The police have allowed thuggery to degenerate to kidnapping, armed robbery and assassination. Just a few days ago, the Chairman of APC in Imo State was killed by the unknown gunmen.

In Lagos, a PDP chieftain was killed. In Kaduna, killers waylaid innocent people along Kaduna-Abuja road by the day to shed blood.

The police have become so partisan that they only pursue enemies of the ruling All Progressives Congress and leave the country in a state of insecurity.

I do not say that Saraki should not be investigated but the police would need to beam their searchlight beyond the Senate and the lawmakers but to herders and abductors.

As 2019 draws closer, the political atmosphere is becoming tenser. The police will need to be more assiduous to curb political assassination and abduction.

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