Herdsmen, “Yes Men” And Buhari

Herdsmen, “Yes Men” And Buhari

Nigeria News takes a look at the government of Buhari and the sycophancy in it.


President Muhammadu Buhari gave order that any herdsman carrying arms should be apprehended by the security operatives. He said this in Lafia, Nasarawa State on Tuesday, making it the first time he would be going harder on the suspected killer herdsmen.


The herdsmen had shown a high level of brutality in the last three months, killing innocent people but with little effort from the Federal Government to stop them. Rather, the killings were politicized while President Muhammadu Buhari looked the other way.


However, two letters from two former military heads of states, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Gen. Ibrahim Babangida have since changed government style a bit.


Buhari does not want to be seen as an ethnic bigot and so on Tuesday, he went hard on the herdsmen.


The president had received many bits of advice from his aides and report from the security agents, which of course I guess he would have been acting upon.


Buhari’s apathetic response to the killings reveals what kind of advice and reports he has been working with. But I know that when a man conquers himself, he has better chance to conquer his enemy. He would have worked so much on his weakness so that it becomes difficult for his enemy to subdue it.


The best advice Buhari has ever received is the one from his wife, Aisha who always raises the alarm over the sycophants that have taken over the government from her husband.


But rather for the president to listen and act on such critical advice, he would prefer to look elsewhere, mostly among the “Yes Men” in his cabinet.


Men who will only tell the president what he likes to hear. Of course, they have told him that the Benue killing was a mere propaganda and that he should not bother himself.


They must have told Buhari that the noise about killing was to derail his second term ambition and instead of him taking decisive action, the president should focus on the 2019 election.


These are “Yes Men” that will agree to the most foolish idea of their boss. They do not have balls. Their mission is how to keep their jobs not about how to build a nation of peace and unity.


It sounds absurd that the Police Force Spokesman, Mr Jimoh Moshood would describe a sitting Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom as a “Drowning Man” over the herdsmen incessant attack in his domain.


Ortom said that the state Government had lost confidence in the police. Why? Because most of the suspects arrested by the police in Benue are TIV when it is clear that the real suspects should be Fulani herdsmen.


About 120 suspects will be facing murder charges, according to the police.  Moshood, no doubt is acting the script of his boss, IGP Idris. This accurately defines the kind of report Buhari gets on a daily basis from the security agencies.


Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has called on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to apologise to Ortom. The lawmakers gave this order during the plenary on Wednesday. 


I believe a man’s enemy is himself. Buhari actually opened up in one of his interviews that he finds it difficult trusting people and the moment he trusts one, he believes everything the person tells him whether true or false. While this might have its advantages, it comes with a lot of disadvantages.


Unlike Atiku Abubakar, and maybe Ibrahim Babangida that have friends across the country, this cannot be said of Mr President. With revelations from his wife and daughter, I think the issue has to do with the man in the mirror rather than the hanger-ons around him. Mr Buhari will need to take a second look at the “Yes Men” around him.

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