Herdsmen/Farmers’ Clash Will Be Worse If… – Audu Ogbe

Herdsmen/Farmers’ Clash Will Be Worse If… - Audu Ogbe

The Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe has said that the hostility and killings between the herdsmen and farmers across the country will be worse if nothing is done quickly to create ranches for cattle.


The minister said that the cattle contributes about 7 percent of the country’s GDP, yet there is no emphasis on how to take care of them.


He said that the country must go back to the old good days where ranches are created and food provided for cattle for economic purpose.


He condemned a nomadic culture of caring for cattle, noting that hundreds of innocent people had been killed through it.


Ogbe who was speaking at the National Food Security meeting emphasized the urgent need of ranching not only for economic gains but also for the security of lives and property.


He explained that government would create ranching and that cattle breeders would be made to pay taxes.


“So, the thing is to create those ranches and the herdsmen are prepared to pay tax to support the programme. If we don’t do it, next year will be worse than this year, I assure you,” Ogbe said.

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