HIV Positive Man ‘Salongo Christopher Kityo’ Defiles Own Daughter

HIV Positive Man 'Salongo Christopher Kityo' Defiles Own Daughter

A 37-year-old man, Salongo Christopher Kityo has been arrested by the Ugandan police for allegedly defiling his 11-year-old daughter.


Kityo, a fisherman, according to findings is HIV positive who operates fishing farm at Gerege landing site, in Nalugala Parish, Katabi Town Council, Uganda.


According to investigation, the HIV man left his matrimonial bed while the wife was away for a church vigil to pounce on his daughter.


Kityo and his wife, Lydia Namiiro are both HIV positive.


When Namiiro returned home in the morning, she met her husband lying unconscious after he had drunk alcohol.


However, the girl who was ignorant of her father’s crime told the mother how she was defiled.


She narrated to the mother that her father slept with her after he had drunk a lot of alcohol and that blood oozed out of her private part.


The woman, Namiiro informed the neighbours who in turn swiftly contacted the OC Mpala Police Post Joseph Sekitoleko.

Sekitoleko rushed to the scene and whisked away Salongo Christopher Kityo to Entebbe Grade B Hospital after the locals beat him up and sustained several injuries including a swollen head.

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