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How Buhari’s Return Triggered National Issues

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Public analysts have observed that the return of President Muhammadu Buhari and his consequent nationwide broadcast have only triggered debate on national issues.


A Legal Practitioner, Fred Nzeako who was a guest Today on STV stated that most of the problem that the country has today is as result of the lopsided nature of our federalism.


According to him, Nigeria should be restructured politically, socially, economically and the unity must be anchored on equity, justice and fair play.


He said there is the need for Nigeria as a federation to sit together, have a second look at the terms of engagement, reaffirm certain modules and retouch some others.


He also said it is personalization of interest for some people to say they want to have their own kingdom and others agitating for own state.


In his view, a Civil Rights Activist, Mr. Opunabo Inko-Tariah called for national dialogue where representatives of all regions must sit down to discuss the unity of this country, adding that nobody is calling for war.


To him, different interpretations of hate speech will emerge and it will be used by the government as an instrument of oppression.


Also speaking, Mr. Pelumi Olajengbesi condemned the president’s speech, saying that it insulted and raped the intelligence of the Nigerian people.


The civil rights Activist also said there is nothing to take home at all from the content of the Mr. President’s speech.


He kicked against the fallacy that only the National Assembly and the National State Council have the responsibility to engage in national discuss.


He said the manifesto of the APC from the onset of this administration stated clearly that the party would ensure that there is true federalism, restructuring, and fundamental human right and freedom of expression of every Nigerian will be protected.


He concluded with a call to government to develop and build institutions not around individuals but around government, so that there can be a very strong system of government.


Olajengbesi said if Mr. President is not fit, he should resign and the vice president should assume office and quickly address the issue of true federalism and unemployment.

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