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How Delta Schoolgirl Forced Govt To Renovate Deplorable Classrooms

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Nigeria News takes a look at the viral video of Seven-year-old Success Adebor of the Okotie-Eboh Primary School in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State.

The video of Seven-year-old Success Adebor of the Okotie-Eboh Primary School in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State went viral recently.

Everything still looks to me like a girl acting a script. The video reveals the anger of a little girl who is hungry to have education in the midst of frustration.

She had been sent back home by the school authority for not paying her school fees. Unlike her mates Adebor refused to leave the school premises. She was ready to face the consequence which is spanking by the teachers.   

In Pidgin English, she spoke, “I never pay. Mummy say I no go pay. She muttered, “Them go they pursue person until. I no go pay, them go flog me, the cane go tire.” Them go flog, flog, them go tire. They say them stubborn, I go tell them say I stubborn pass.”

In summary, Adebor headed back to the school instead of going home. She said that she would be ready to get caned by the teachers who had proved to be stubborn.

Her voice was loud but made most adults who saw the video shed tears. Here is a little girl who is bent on having an education but the parents lack the financial capacity to sponsor her.

The worst part of this story is that Adebor attends a school, whose structures are in deplorable state. The roofs of some of the classrooms are in bad shape. There are no windows and doors in many of the classrooms. Some of the pupils do not have seats and desks to sit and write, yet the school authorities have to demand school fees from them.

Failure to do so means that the pupils will have to sit at home. But Adebor exposed all these when she refused to comply with the rules, which were later found out to be one of the way the teachers had been extorting the parents.

Okotie-Eboh Primary School in Sapele Local Government Area is one of the public educational institutions by Delta State Government.

The government lamented, after seeing the viral video that the head teacher, Mrs Vero Igbigwe had been collecting the illegal levy from the pupils, adding that the government does not demand fees from the children.

The state Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa consequently ordered the suspension of Igbigwe for allegedly collecting unauthorised fees including examination levies from schoolchildren.

As at Tuesday, the government has also deployed artisans to the school to begin repair work on the dilapidated structures. Adebor’s stubbornness has eventually brought solace to a school that had been begging for help over the years.

The pupil’s determination to have education irrespective of the bad structure and negligence of the government may have also caused a teacher her job for introducing illegal fees.

The question to ask; where was Okowa when the roofs of the classroom were being carried away by storm? Will the suspension of a head teacher sooth the pains that the government had inflicted on parents and children? Look around you, what is going on in Delta State is here in Lagos State.

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