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How Hospitals Killed Gunshot Victim in Lagos

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Nigeria News takes a look at the behaviour of Nigerian hospitals towards victims of gunshot.


An Ericsson engineer has just lost his life after being shot by armed robbers in his home. Two different hospitals, including the highbrow Reddington Hospital, reportedly declined to treat him without a police report. LASUTH, being a public hospital, was then his best bet. They raced there and discovered that the ongoing strike has paralyzed the place.


And the man died because his country failed him!


Where can we begin to fix this country? Can we not at least begin to make example of these heartless private hospitals which turn down patients with bullet wounds? What manner of a country is this?


If bullet wound victims have to seek police report before treatment every time such happens, how would they survive such attacks? Where is the ethos of medical practitioners to always save life first?


The man was attacked in his home at Mowe, Ogun State and the robbers were able to lead his wife to a family where she got help to move him in his conscious state to a private hospital. But was rejected for not having a police report.


He was quickly moved to his company’s hospital and was still rejected again for the same excuse. He finally made the trip to a government-owned facility but the surgeon was nowhere to be found as the health sector was on strike. He died at this last bus stop when he could have been saved at the first visit.


If he was a son of a serving government official, perhaps it would have been a different story. But come to think of it, an act was enacted sometimes last year by the government of Nigeria ‘Mandatory Treatment of Gun Shot Vitim’s Bill’.


The main aim of the act was to address this kind of issue.  Doctors are expected to treat such cases with fiat and then intimate the police authority thereafter.


There is need to sign this act into law so that Hospitals could be held culpable for the accessory if you ask me. Licenses should be withdrawn and culprits prosecuted for aiding loss of life.


Hundreds of Nigerians have died in same circumstances. The incessant strike by health workers has also been observed to have contributed to the high rate of death in the hospitals.


Even when workers are not on strike, most government hospitals lack the efficiency and adequate manpower to attend to millions of patients that visit them on a daily basis.


A visit to the Lagos State University Hospital and Lagos University Teaching Hospital will frighten a newcomer. Almost every five minutes, a dead body is stretchered to the mortuary.


Going to a Nigerian hospital is like signing a death warrant. That is why most citizens, including educated ones now prefer to embrace alternative medicine.


There is a proliferation of herbal sellers and practitioners, most of whom products are not NAFDAC approved. Nigerians patronize them because the products are cheap.


The governments at all levels will need to take a closer look at this menace to reduce death rate due to hospitals’ inefficiency.

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