How Monica Osagie Ended Professor Richard Akindele’s Career

Nigeria News takes a look at how a female student and easy virtue ruined a professor’s career at the Obafemi Awolowo University.


Once Monica is mentioned, what runs through our minds is Lewinsky. Until lately that another Monica just surfaced. This time she is Monica Osagie. Both Monica had involved in sex scandals, which of course have become a dent in the lives of their suspects.


Most adults still have the vivid memory of how a Monica Lewinsky nearly ruined the image of former US President Bill Clinton over alleged sexual advances towards her.


Clinton was impeached by the Congress but never removed. Clinton survived the shame of having an affair with a White House Intern, Lewinsky.


However, in Nigeria, a postgraduate student, Monica Osagie studying Master of Business Administration at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State ended her lecturer’s career.


Professor Richard Akindele is also a Reverend of the Anglican Communion in the state. He had demanded a five-round-sex-spree from Monica but eventually landed himself in a jumble.


What Akindele wanted was sexual pleasure, but the professor got an indefinite suspension by the university management last week for gross moral and academic misconducts.


He had built an academic career of enviable status but his lust for the flesh took the honour away from him.


A week after the management set up a probe panel, which submitted its recommendation last Wednesday, the University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede read out the penalty to the randy Richard, “You are hereby suspended indefinitely pending the final outcome of the investigative committee.”


I do not feel so much for the lecturer who failed to pass the panel’s probe but for his wife and children who had been thrown into shock. “Daddy why? That will be the common words at Akindele’s Christian home.


All of us are saints as long as we are not caught in the web of immorality. It is the turn of Professor Akindele and he is carrying the cross but not alone. His family members share the burden.


While the university is commended for taking drastic action against this recent event, I have become so curious to want to know what really happened between Monica Osagie and Professor Akindele before an audio was released.


Osagie, through her proxy, a human rights organization led by one Abiola Bakare posited that the student actually made a complaint to the authority about the professor’s sexual demand.


She said that she released the audio because the university management wanted to sweep the case under the carpet. The professor was ready to increase the 33 percent scored by the student to a pass mark but with five rounds of sex.


I ask; Did Monica ever have a case in the first place? She never told the management that the professor deliberately failed her to have his way. The audio conversation showed the admittance of failure by the brainless student whom of course was seeking favour from the professor.


What if the Professor was the one that released an audio and pretended to have acted in such a way to nail the student, perhaps the case would have been viewed from another angle. But it is Monica who actually acted faster to nail the randy lecturer.


It is a pity that men, great men fall easily to the antics of women.

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