How Newborn Baby Walked Minutes After Delivery In a Brazil Hospital

How Newborn Baby Walked Minutes After Delivery in a Brazil hospital

Nurses were stunned in a Brazil hospital when a new born baby struggled to walk minutes after she was given birth to.

According to Mirror UK, reports, as nurses were trying to bathe the baby, she began to wriggle around to walk on her own.

The Santa Cruz Hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil confirmed it was a wonderful scene as the baby came up with her own idea of trying to walk away from the nurses.

“Babies don’t walk until they are about 12 months but for this to happen, it would have been a reflex,” one of the doctors said.

A nurse said, “Wow, she is so cute it’s amazing. If she’s like this now, I can just imagine how precocious she is going to be as she grows up.”

The midwife bathing for the baby said that it would be difficult for anybody to believe if they had not seen the situation themselves.
“Nobody will believe this, but it just happened now” she said.

However, Healthy Children online publication described the scenario as “walking or stepping reflex”.

“This reflex will disappear after two months, then reoccur as she learned voluntary behaviour of walking toward the end of the first year.”

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