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How The Nigerian Government Treats Citizens

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Nigeria News takes a look at the way the Nigerian Government treats the citizens.

Governments are run by men, not saints. And not just men but men of impeccable character who have prepared themselves long before the responsibilities are thrown at them.

Over the years of reporting politics, I can easily infer that today’s leaders in Nigeria have no plan to alleviate People’s poverty but to impoverish them the more in order to enrich themselves.

Except the present government is able to grant autonomy to the local government, nothing will ever happen to the developing communities across the country.

Mostly in the South, residents are moving away from the expensive City Life to build homes in the suburbs but the absence of government in these areas have been the major problems.

In many of the developing areas, there are no roads, light and potable water, yet the residents prefer to live this substandard lives. Of course, many of them live in their own houses, no matter how poorly it is.

They dig well, buy generators, “I pass my neighbour” and ride on commercial motorcycles on the most terrible path to go in and out of their homes in search of food and shelter.

Residents in the suburbs form the Community Development Associations (CDA) in which they contribute money to fund security, provide electricity and grade their roads to make it drivable.

The local government that is supposed to provide the social amenities for these communities only exist on paper. CDAs build schools and hospitals in many areas.

They hire security personnel to protect their domain because the police stations are far from them. That is how many Nigerians are living these days.

However, it is unfortunate that the government has hijacked the CDAs. The State government has turned the CDAs to an appendage of political parties.

The party in power dictates when the CDAs can have an election and who should contest. The government has so much infiltrated this voluntary development association to the extent that it demands special funds from the residents.

Besides, the residents associations have been so enslaved that any infrastructure built by them could become government property, according to some draconian laws in the country.

It may surprise you that the Ibadan and Ikeja Electricity Distribution Companies will automatically take possession of whatever infrastructure or assets procured by the community as soon as they are able to energize them. This is done through what they called, “Deed of Gift”.

Virtually, Nigerians provide everything that they need, yet they pay tax, levies and special funds to the government who has failed in its responsibility to protect and provide for the needs of the governed.

It is sad that the government officials now feed fat on the taxpayers money, yet fail to provide the necessary infrastructure that will improve the standard of living of millions of citizens.

There is fear that the return of Local Government autonomy may aggravate this neocolonialism in which the residents will be so subdued and silenced from developing their immediate environment unless they belong to a particular political party.

Towards the last general election, the former Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun had to summon all the chairmen of CDAs with the instruction to vote for his anointed governorship candidate, Adekunle Akinlade or lose their seats.

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